My Impressions of Uncharted 2: Among Thiefs

  • @Whoaness I agree with most everything in this thread but I wanted to nitpick your nitpick about Gears for just a moment. When you call aiming heavy and obtuse, from what perspective?

    If you're discussing from a pistol standpoint, I 100% agree. However, with rifles and heavy weapons, they are not designed for headshots. If you can get them, that's great, but the true headshot weapon, the Longshot sniper rifle, does alright as the secret to using that weapon is utilizing the zoom. Other than pistols, aiming isn't really an issue and I'm slightly bummed you find it distracting to some degree. But we all have our tastes and as a Gears fan (and a games fan period), I like seeing differing perspectives from my own to help bolster my understanding.

    Another example is your preference of Uncharted 2's action to Uncharted 4's exploration. I'm the complete opposite. I loved how 4 seemed to have less combat than any of the others. I guess I'm just a story nut.

  • @Brannox Gears sticks you in a third person pose that's always facing forward, so your swing in non-scope is much slower in Uncharted. Uncharted is so fast on the swing because the animation doesn't lock you to facing the camera, so you run free form in any direction and then aim at where the camera is pointing. Being able to do this allows me to change targets quicker with scope aiming and run and gun is a good feeling.

    @GoTaco This is a game forum. Why wouldn't we be allowed to talk about games we played?

  • @Whoaness Fair point. You were able to remind me about different play-styles within the same format as well. I got hung up on the differentiation of Uncharted is more about moving with some pause while Gears is more about pause with some movement, so it makes sense the mechanics would be different. Thank you for your view!

  • @Lotias The 3rd and 4th games are even better, enjoy!

  • I think ND somehow made the aiming in U3 even shittier than U2, but still a valid complaint.

    I find that the recoil in U4 is actually really good, and shooting in U4 feels good to me, don't know if I'm alone.

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    @Whoaness I may have come across the combat a bit too harsh. However there were sections thatI had to replay many times mainly due to the camera. I guess it comes down to that for me a bit more. Then also I am a fan of the heavier combat in games! I did try the arc both in first and second, but I just don't wrap my head the landing point as good as I would want!

    The platforming were more often than not working really well, it was just on the instances (as pointed out) where I got stuck and I got annoyed, but perhaps thats more on me than the actual game. Then again this is about MY impressions, nothing more :)

    @GoTaco said in My Impressions of Uncharted 2: Among Thiefs:

    One of my favourite games of all time. Glad you liked it. Just wait until Uncharted 4.

    Yes I really enjoyed it and will jump into the third game in a week or so! I will also go back to 1 and 2 to try and get all the trophies! I am really excited for the third game! as I wrote in my post: It took me just under 10 hours to play through and it was worth every single one

  • @Whoaness Most forums have rules against blog-like posts and user reviews on the main discussion. The more popular a website becomes the reviews usually go from something nice like this to more of something nice like this, then quickly devolves into "X-game sucks" and leaving no room for discussion.

    GT didn't allow blogs or review posts as an example.

  • @GoTaco HAH! Then list and forum game threads should be looked down upon even more, but I can see you participate in those threads quite a lot.

    No, this has way more discussion than those kinds of threads.

  • @Whoaness touche!

    Like I said, this thread is sound.

  • I find myself in a similar boat, in that I've been recently playing the games for the first time now in the PS4 collection. The first one I found it to be extremely mediocre, lacking in any interesting characters, plot points or ideas.

    The second one I didn't love but there were some points were the game did manage to impress me but overall I didn't like how overly done the scenes were, and I again felt that it was mediocre for a game that is that linear. It was overall a few steps up from the first but after finishing I had no desire to play the third, I do plan to play it eventually, but I can't say have much of an interest in it

    I over all find the games mechanically sound and good looking, but I've found them severely lacking in every other way, and and when I consider that it is one of the highest profile franchises in gaming, I can't keep myself from thinking that they are extremely mediocre games.