What Do You Love About Easy Allies?

  • Easy Allies are almost 5 years old-can you believe it! Rising from the ashes of GameTrailers, Easy Allies has gone on to be the most enjoyable videogame channel on the internet for many of us. I wasn't so sure about the format of Easy Allies at first as the constant Twitch usage and streaming isn't usually my thing-but the Allies have made streaming an absolute pleasure. I love the diversity, the amazing sense humour, the fun and the emphatic sense that the Allies are the pure essence of videogames. No other video YouTube channel has as much fun and vibrancy as the Allies and it's hard to know where we'd be without them. Videogames are certainly far more exciting when the Allies are our companions. Individually I love Brandon's voice, Ben's exquisite videogaming opinions and critique, Ian's creativity and whimsy, Damiani's passion and love of Nintendo, Huber's hype, Bloodworth's shrewdness and mentorship, Brad's coolness and style and Don's love for all things retro-of course not forgetting Kyle's uncanny and unique perspectives and sense of humour which are greatly missed from the channel. Easy Allies are exactly that-easy, because they give us so much enjoyment and entertainment and make videogames a brighter hobby for us all.

  • All the other major video game podcast outlets are loud and obnoxious. Easy Allies are just what their name says - warm, lighthearted, and chill.

  • I just like the team, that's it. Every one has a distinct personality and none of them is toxic. They're not perfect, Kyle had the bad habit of punching down developers a bit too much for my taste, but overall what they offer is quite unique and a distinct voice in the gaming space, and even with Kyle he's dearly missed.

    They're my favourite gaming dudes but I do follow other outlets such as Giant Bomb and MinnMax.

  • The thing I love most is their passion; even though sometimes I found them too optimistic about some games, the fact that they are not afraid of sharing their passion in its fullest without worrying about any negative reaction.

    Also they are the best team to watch E3 streams with.

  • I just think that they're some of the most fun people I have seen in the video games-related journalism/entertainment world. I could listen to any of them talk about something all day, each of em' have their own qualities that make them really fun to listen/watch to. Brandon's passion radiating through his suave speech manner, Huber's boundless hype adding extra impact to everything he says, Ben's thoughtful word choices, Ian's hyper attentive insights, and so on.

    I also think that their reaction contents are some of the best in the biz, especially the E3 ones since it almost always feature every single on of them, and boy oh boy it's so great to see them bounce their own hype (and other emotions) with each other. My first introduction to the crew is the the PSX 2016 reactions, and after watching that I am emotionally invested to these people.