TakeThatBet.net (My Personal Website Project)

  • Hey all,

    If you didn't know, I'm a professional software developer, I work a lot with big enterprise and I've been developing Mobile Applications for the past couple of years.

    I've had an idea for this website since before shockorscoff.com was a thing, but I never had the time to start it. When I heard that Shockorscoff.com wasn't coming back, and a host of other professional reasons with me needing to train up in certain aspects of tech, I decided that it would be fun to try and make a generic site that would allow people make Bet Events for anything and everything!

    It's really simple at the moment but all the bones are there.

    You need a Twitter Account to sign in to the site. I want as little personal information as possible, and with me wanting to integrate it with Twitter from the get-go, the Sign In with Twitter flow seemed like an obvious choice.

    I realise that with Summer Games Fest behind us, it seems a bit late to release this. But I'm hoping with some feedback TakeThatBet can turn into a really feature rich website by the time The Game Awards roll round in December!

    The link to the site is here: https://takethatbet.net

    And you can find the Twitter Account I've set up to take queries here: https://twitter.com/takethatbet_net

    I'll obviously be checking here all the time, but if you want an immediate response, my partner can attest that I'm glued to Twitter 90% of the time and so I'll definitely see your message. DMs are open too.

    One last thing. I never plan to let people bet money or any items of value. This website is purely for fun, purely for clout, and I intend to never make a cent from people using it.