Frame Trap Query

  • Can you send e-mails into Frame Trap and if so do they have to be a certain length or cover a particular topic? I'll be honest I'm not familiar with Frame Trap. I know it's a podcast hosted by Ben Moore and involves discussions about the games the Allies have played lately but I don't know anything else about it.

  • I'm pretty sure any listener can email on any topic that they think the panel might want to talk about on the show. It's just an open call for emails, not a list of topics or games.

    As for "What Frame Trap is", yeah you've understood it correctly. The main part of the podcast is 3 people talking about what they've been playing recently, or in an uncommon episode a TV show or film might also be on the docket. It's basically a long gaming discussion podcast that doesn't explicitly try to cover "weekly news/events", although the so called "HOTAKE" segment will discuss one general topic per episode and sometimes that topic will be news-y (even then, it is usually more "after the initial dust has settled").

  • @chocobop Thanks for the assistance-I didn't know they took e-mails so it's pretty good that they do, though I get the feeling they may choose which e-mails to read out like they choose which comments to bring up in the EZA Podcast. I'd probably be more in-tune with Frame Trap if I saw every episode-but that'd be a shedload of episodes to get through.