EZA curates September games: What are you anticipating? What's worth checking out?

  • It'd be nice if I could buy them individually. I have no interest in Super Mario 64 or Sunshine port cause I still have those games ready to rock n roll, but I've never finished Galaxy and considering EVERYBODY seems to love that game, maybe I should see past the waggle controls and give it its honest shake.

    This month I'll be playing THPS 1 & 2. It's a comfort food series for me and I need it now more than ever cause my job is killing me and if I'm gonna play anything, it NEEDS to be comforting.

  • @dipset said:

    It'd be nice if I could buy them individually.

    I half expect once they sunset the Collection at the end of March they're going to split the three games up and sell them individually for more each. Of course that's just speculation, and they might seriously be Disney Vaulting them to artificially add time gate scarcity to hype up demand like total scumbags, because Nintendo has been hanging around Disney and Apple way too much since the Wii era.

  • @dipset sick pun. Also, I don't love Galaxy and it's entirely because of the waggle. Don't hate it either but waggle holds it back from reaching as high as 64, Sunshine and Odyssey for me.

    It's also funny Galaxy 2 isn't included as that makes it painfully clear they are somehow going to stretch this into 2 sets but that's fine with me as I only wanted 64 and Sunshine anyway. As long as this all runs ok, I can finally sell my copy of Sunshine!

  • @e_zed_eh_intern said:

    Also, I don't love Galaxy and it's entirely because of the waggle.

    I too don't love Galaxy like others do. They're alright though. The waggle only ever bothered me in 2 when they turned the difficulty up and how there's certain stages you rely on the waggle perfectly registering every time or you just die, which is not fun when it fails to register.

  • @mbun apparently motion is optional for Galaxy?!?! I may come to love it yet! If they do this for Galaxy 2 I will 100% give that game another shot. I don't just hate the waggle but also digging everything out and then putting it all out of child reach after I'm done.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern yeah a big part of why i don't get why everyone gives galaxy so much is because people always seem to say it's motion controls were really innovative.

    for the most part they really weren't imo. was just waggle most of the time. only the monkey ball style levels which there were few of seemed to motion controls in an interesting way

  • @mbun wait the pins aren't a my Nintendo reward? that's pretty stupid. yeah.

  • I also want to say I'm pretty sure it's an open pre-order. I feel like they were hoping to create fear in people that it being limited by time also meant it was limited in quantity. I also feel like they likely succeeded.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern said:

    motion is optional for Galaxy?!?!

    Not going to lie. Touch screen pointer when Handheld for Galaxy sounds kind of like a fun new way to experience it. Just can't justify the price of this collection though.

  • I forgot Hotshot Racing comes out on Thursday. This looks like an old school arcade racer. Visually it looks like Vitrua Racing/Daytona USA & plays a bit like Ridge Racer or Burnout.

  • @paulmci27 thanks for the reminder, I totally forgot about this one. Here's the trailer for anyone interested:

    Youtube Video

  • I'm little bit late to the party but I read not bad thoughts about Avengers' campaign so even thought I despise GaaS side, I might check out the story side as I'm a big comicbook fan. Also Mafia is a game I've never played, I really like the second game and never played a lot of the third one other than the beatiful intro of it. I want to play the remake. Remakes are awesome opportunities to get into games that I don't want to experience with the technology of old times.

  • This is kinda late already, but Going Under will be releasing in September 24th (I totally missed the date announcement, just found out about it). It's a dungeon crawler where you play as a unpaid intern tasked to explore the ruins of failed tech startups. This month's looking pretty busy for me now.

    Youtube Video

  • Mafia remake is one that im anticipating most.