Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

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  • @yoshi Heard that thing is spoiler laden, so no thank you

  • Has anyone picked it up?

    I started playing it yesterday, enjoying it a lot! It's my first musou but it feels like exactly what I need right now: a "mindless" action game that's just pure fun and power fantasy, in a world I love.

    Playing this co-op with my girlfriend, the framerate is noticeably atrocious at times, but somehow it doesn't impact the gameplay, since the biggest drops are caused by special attacks where input isn't required anymore, and it just feels like a slow-mo effect.

    Split-screen does make the action harder to read at times though.

    It's very easy right now (I may be wrong, but I don't think the game is balanced differently in co-op, so obviously doing twice the damage helps), but I'm sure there will be enough endgame challenges to keep me busy for a while.

  • @axel Keep in mind that Normal is basically Easy and Hard is basically Normal. I was enjoying Very Hard in the demo for the challenge, but it clearly later on results in enemies becoming ridiculous damage sponges in an annoying way unfortunately.

  • @mbun Good to know thanks, maybe I'll boost it to Hard and see what happens!

  • @Mbun Thanks again for the tip, I played for about an hour last night on Hard and it's like a different game, I actually have to think about what I'm doing now, makes it a lot more interesting!

  • While I did have it spoiled for me, I will say that

    Seeing the future Guardians definitely brought a smile to my face

  • @dmcmaster You mean the

    future Champions. Guardians are a very different thing in BotW. Yeah, I love that scene when they show up, especially Sidon's line. Hypest moment of the whole game, even if super convenient plotwise. After hearing the explanation for why all that happens, I have more appreciation for it too. I know people are all upset about time travel complicating what the story was before, and I get that, but once you realize that both timelines exist in this version, and the only difference is that the Champions from the timeline we knew before now had this adventure after the events of that game, it doesn't really make a huge difference.