Starlink toys

  • Hey! I'm looking for some old Starlink toys for Switch. My son and I love playing together. Any idea where I could get a hold of some used stuff cheap? Tried eBay but not much luck.


  • Did a quick Ebay search and found a number of Starlink ships and toys, but because I'm not really knowledgeable on the game I'm unsure if they're the right thing you're looking for.

    Are the toys themselves console specific? Is there a difference in necessity or value between the character figures and the ships? I found a number of different ships that were around $10-$20 that I can share links to if that's what you're after.

  • I stopped shopping at gamestop a long while back but when I did I know they had a whole thing full of used amiibos/skylanders and unless they finally said "screw it" and just tossed the thing in the dumpster I could see them having starlink toys in that kinda section as well. Would be worth checking at least.

    Failing that you could always check the clearance sections of walmarts or targets or the like, they tend to have things like this in them (at least, in my experience. I think my local walmart is still trying to offload some disney infinity figures for example.)

  • My local gamestop is full of them, I'd also recommend looking at any local game shops in your area as they might have some, my local shop is full of Skylanders, Disney Infinity, and Starlink stuff but like I said local shop.

  • I haven't gone in a while but Best Buy might have them too. I know at least the stores near me have been getting bigger sections of video game related toys like fortnight figures and of course funkos.

  • A decent amount came up when I checked Facebook Marketplace.