Favourite Videogame YouTubers

  • What are some of your favourite videogame Youtubers/personalities? I used to really enjoy Jim Sterling's content until his Jimquisitions started to repeat the same topics and it became apparent that his interests are rather shallow. Yahtzee Croshaw and his Zero Punctuation series I've loved since I discovered it in the summer of 2008. RabbidLuigi, Scott The Woz and Caddicarus are all very good as well I think. Feel free to post videos of videogame YouTuber content as I'm always up for discovering new videogame Youtubers to follow.

  • It depends what I'm looking for, I still find Jim Sterling to be one of the most relevant voices in the industry so I follow him quite a lot.

    On the side of more interesting commentary of games I really like Ragnarox and ThorHighHeels, but there are a good number of similar channels that I'm not as familiar with.

  • I tend to like channels that make reviews of older gen games. If you haven't dived into these kinds of channels, what is cool about them is that they are invariably interested in games beyond just the biggest and most well remembered. Snesdrunk, DariaPlaysRPGs, and AboveUp are a few that I've been subscribed to for a while. Salokin is a new channel that I've subscribed recently.

    Snesdrunk is rather well known and has loads of SNES videos. He likes making his videos short, to the point, aiming to deliver good information and a sense of if it is worth your time compared to other similar games. He also does videos on other retro systems, including Sega Genesis, Arcade, and NES.

    Daria focuses on on 8 and 16 bit RPGs, which sometimes just broadly includes games with fantasy/medieval aesthetics and box art. Much more of a focus on Sega Genesis and NES though. She seems to enjoy making videos on unpopular games and obscure titles that otherwise fit the channel aesthetic.

    AboveUp tends to cover Japanese games, with no specific system or era although he seems to like series from the PS1, PS2, and Falcom games.

    Salokin does PC games, usually ones involving shooting like FPSes, TPSes, or vehicle/mech games. Lots of early 2000s games, although it isn't limited to a specific era.

    I find analysis/essay/topic channels interesting to dip into but disappointing to subscribe and put into my feed. Here's a few though:

    Matthewmatosis' channel is very well known, but should be highly recommended by someone here.

    Psych of play (aka Daryl Talks Games) has a very clear focus: psychology research and concepts applied to the player and game design. I'm guessing he is a relatively young psychology graduate. The video presentation often has an overt interest in catching an internet audience, but the subject can be interesting on its own.

    Gamedenker does analysis/topics videos. There is a unique approach to this channel, which roughly can be described as starting from art, philosophy, and books and then trying to tie a discussion there to games. A video where Nassim Taleb or Plato is the framing device for a topic video would be an example. The videos don't come out often and have lovely production values to them. It's clearly more of a passion channel for the two women doing it.

  • Yeah, here are some of the other non EZA channels I got to often. FunHaus (Still miss Elyse, and you might even spot a Don sighting here and there), Jeese Cox, Super Beard Bros, Gab Smolders, New Frame Plus (deep dives in game animation), GFReviews, MinnMaxx, GiantBomb, Polygon (for Monster Factory and Brian David Gilbert videos which are seriously awesome), Action Button Games and Arcade Impossible.

    I'm sure im missing some but those off the top of my head

  • Ahoy and Running Shine are my two favorites probably. Neither upload that often but hey, quality over quantity.

  • I follow a few. Namely Mark Brown on Game Maker's Toolkit I always find insightful and fascinating to listen to. I've also gotten into Noclip more recently, as it is relatively easy to turn something on and listen to it while I'm cooking dinner or cleaning house, and they always has pretty awesome interviews and info. Same with Gaming Historian, but nowhere near as often.

    For other stuff, I really enjoy Metal Jesus. He does a lot of really solid content and is a really positive guy, has a wide net of the types of games and systems he talks about. He's also from the area I grew up in, so it's always nice to see it again. My Life In Gaming is really solid if you're into retro gaming. Their series on the best ways to get the highest quality output of old consoles is something I've come back to for the information, and also because I just really enjoy hearing them talk about the consoles themselves.

    Occasionally go through Digital Foundry, but not all their stuff has a huge interest for me. Certain deep dives I can get behind, but I can't always see the technical stuff they bring up.

    Will occasionally hit up Design Doc for his 'Good Design Bad Design' series and to see his other stuff. As a visual designer, he has a unique perspective on the stuff he talks about.

    Satchell Drakes doesn't really put up video game stuff anymore, but I loved the few he made and still frequent them.

    I've got a few more in my subscriptions but I don't exactly frequent them. I did just recently sub to ImFood4Dogs. She's a really sweet older lady who likes JRPGs and visual novels, and it's really delightful to listen to her talk.

  • @happygaming your deal with Metal Jesus is the same as mine with Happy Console Gamer. He and I are from the same Vancouver suburb so when he talks about it I get super nostalgic. He's also very much into retro but also talks about new stuff all the time.

  • Banned

    I tend to enjoy more comedy oriented videogame YouTubers, so stuff like videogamedunkey, nakeyjakey, and oneyng.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern forgot to mention him! I've come across a few of his videos and loved them, but hadn't subscribed yet. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Since discovering, "Let's Players" about 4-5 years ago, I started watching Markiplier, Jackscepticeye, Game Grumps, all those guys. I used to watch them religiously and just about every single day. Overtime, I found different content creators who do different things, but watching people overreact to games has always been a joy.

    Ever since discovering Easy Allies and other gaming journalists and gaming podcasts, I don't watch let's players as much as I used to. Also, since starting my own gaming channel, it feels like I barely have enough time for watching streamers or vods. But I find the time and I still tune in to the Game Grumps to get a few good laughs in.

  • @el-shmiablo Damn I forgot to mention Dunkey-his videos are amazing.