Final Fantasy XVI

  • Finally getting a new numeric entry that is going back to a more fantasy setting. I've never been into MMO game play, and so I am really excited to be able to see more of that style but play a single player campaign instead. I'm so down to see where this goes!

    Youtube Video

  • That art direction and animation is beautiful. I feel like I'm getting the cozy medieval fantasy vibe of FF9 with the massive decades of technical improvements since then.

  • I'm digging it.

  • I like how it looks, but I just want it to be turn based :/, but I know that's not the direction they wanna take with FF so oh well, the series aint for me.

  • It feel like forever since there's been a medieval sort of themed game in the franchise. I know it's not true or fairs to say because XIV had a similar art style and setting, but for me personally it's been a long road since XII.

    I wonder how in depth combat will be. I've never been very good at Devil May Cry or Bayonetta, so I hope it's not super combo focused with a high skill ceiling. I was more than happy to just wail on guys in XV and feel like a badass.

  • @bard91 I love me some good turn based stuff! Out of curiosity, if it were turn based, would you want the styling the same, or to go for a different direction. The director did The Last Remnant previously, and that was sort of turn based. I just wonder how a turn based Final Fantasy would look today because it's been a while.

  • Maybe it's just me but it seems like combat will be like 7R, but with a bit more in the way of options.

  • @happygaming I think any styling can work with turn based mechanics so yeah, I don't think this would look too distinct to a modern Lost Odyssey and that one works great.

  • Honestly I would have been satisfied if they just showed the logo, FF logos are best in the biz and this is no exception.

    alt text

  • This is teenage me's dream. Sure, my tastes have changed a fair bit, but holy crap. Looks incredible.

  • I don't really trust this to be good, but it is looking and sounding like it will be, so I'm pretty irresponsibly hyped for it rn.

  • Wayyyyy more appealing than XV ever was. Looking forward to this!

  • I'm excited about a Final Fantasy game again. 2020 is the strangest of roller coasters.

  • I personally really adore XV but I'm usually down for any creative direction they want to take a numeric entry. I want them to go as weird or unique as they'd like to go, and let me go on that ride with them however they see fit.

  • Graphic wise it looks inferior comparing to what I would expect from a main FF title.

  • @scotty

    To a degree it looks a bit worse than FF7R, especially some in-game animation, but I’m pretty sure it’s just early. I think it’ll get finessed.

  • Would it be a disservice to say that the main character, Joshua looks eerily similar to the character showcased in the Final Fantasy Shadowbringers and other trailers? Or is it just me?

    1_1600363274327_ffxvi-final-fantasy-xvi-710x398.jpg 0_1600363274314_maxresdefault.jpg

  • Surprise it's a new game set in the same world as 14

  • "Additionally, Square Enix recently hired Ryota Suzuki as a "battle director" and he is rumored to be working on FF16. Suzuki was designer of Devil May Cry 5 and Dragon's Dogma, which is a solid pedigree." -

  • Ok if 16 has combat similar to DMC5 or Dogma, I'm sold on that alone, especially if magic is done as spectacularly as Dogma