Final Fantasy XVI

  • It feel like forever since there's been a medieval sort of themed game in the franchise. I know it's not true or fairs to say because XIV had a similar art style and setting, but for me personally it's been a long road since XII.

    I wonder how in depth combat will be. I've never been very good at Devil May Cry or Bayonetta, so I hope it's not super combo focused with a high skill ceiling. I was more than happy to just wail on guys in XV and feel like a badass.

  • @bard91 I love me some good turn based stuff! Out of curiosity, if it were turn based, would you want the styling the same, or to go for a different direction. The director did The Last Remnant previously, and that was sort of turn based. I just wonder how a turn based Final Fantasy would look today because it's been a while.

  • Maybe it's just me but it seems like combat will be like 7R, but with a bit more in the way of options.

  • @happygaming I think any styling can work with turn based mechanics so yeah, I don't think this would look too distinct to a modern Lost Odyssey and that one works great.

  • Honestly I would have been satisfied if they just showed the logo, FF logos are best in the biz and this is no exception.

    alt text

  • This is teenage me's dream. Sure, my tastes have changed a fair bit, but holy crap. Looks incredible.

  • I don't really trust this to be good, but it is looking and sounding like it will be, so I'm pretty irresponsibly hyped for it rn.

  • Wayyyyy more appealing than XV ever was. Looking forward to this!

  • I'm excited about a Final Fantasy game again. 2020 is the strangest of roller coasters.

  • I personally really adore XV but I'm usually down for any creative direction they want to take a numeric entry. I want them to go as weird or unique as they'd like to go, and let me go on that ride with them however they see fit.

  • Graphic wise it looks inferior comparing to what I would expect from a main FF title.

  • @scotty

    To a degree it looks a bit worse than FF7R, especially some in-game animation, but I’m pretty sure it’s just early. I think it’ll get finessed.

  • Would it be a disservice to say that the main character, Joshua looks eerily similar to the character showcased in the Final Fantasy Shadowbringers and other trailers? Or is it just me?

    1_1600363274327_ffxvi-final-fantasy-xvi-710x398.jpg 0_1600363274314_maxresdefault.jpg

  • Surprise it's a new game set in the same world as 14

  • "Additionally, Square Enix recently hired Ryota Suzuki as a "battle director" and he is rumored to be working on FF16. Suzuki was designer of Devil May Cry 5 and Dragon's Dogma, which is a solid pedigree." -

  • Ok if 16 has combat similar to DMC5 or Dogma, I'm sold on that alone, especially if magic is done as spectacularly as Dogma

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    I hope this scratches my FF9 itch. It going back to fantasy has me really hyped. Don't get me wrong, I love the steampunk-y style as well, but I just miss a fantasy base main title, its been too long.

  • An informative thread about the people working on FFXVI (click the tweet to see the full thread)

  • @dmcmaster Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't 14 borrow heavily from 3's mythology/world at some point? I'm not an MMO guy so I never played, but I love 3 and remember hearing a sick rendition of its main theme in some of the marketing material for 14 (which also always has insane trailers).

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    @naltmank FF14 generally borrows from multiple FF games and incorporates major references to those previous games by twisting the material to fit FF14.

    The FF3 reference comes about with the fact that there's a crystal tower raid, and you fight Xande and the cloud of darkness, the big bads of FF3.

    They definitely name drop or incorporate lots of classic bosses throughout FF14 in general, but FF3 did receive a bit more attention than others.