Final Fantasy XVI

  • An informative thread about the people working on FFXVI (click the tweet to see the full thread)

  • @dmcmaster Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't 14 borrow heavily from 3's mythology/world at some point? I'm not an MMO guy so I never played, but I love 3 and remember hearing a sick rendition of its main theme in some of the marketing material for 14 (which also always has insane trailers).

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    @naltmank FF14 generally borrows from multiple FF games and incorporates major references to those previous games by twisting the material to fit FF14.

    The FF3 reference comes about with the fact that there's a crystal tower raid, and you fight Xande and the cloud of darkness, the big bads of FF3.

    They definitely name drop or incorporate lots of classic bosses throughout FF14 in general, but FF3 did receive a bit more attention than others.

  • Might be the first M rated Final Fantasy

  • A little unofficial(?) update on the development progress.

  • I'm definitely not in the camp of people who think FFXVI even looked poor. FFVII Remake had like some of the best graphics ever produced on consoles with steamless cutscene to gamplay integration. Obviously if a sequel looks "worse" then its a bit jarring, but I'd rather just get more high quality FF games than spend years optimizing so it the game actually runs the insanely good graphics.

    Plus we live in a world where Infinity Ward puts out a cutting edge game (i.e. COD 4 Modern Warfare) then Activision follows it up with a sequel that has significantly worse performance, graphics, and animation in almost every way (COD World At War), and nobody seemed to notice or care. Treyarch games to this day still look worse than their counterparts and people don't notice or complain.

  • More detail about the world and characters has ben released! There's also a teaser website with a bunch of info and artworks.

  • The old school Ivalice vibes are insane, I love it so much.

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    I am going to walk through and explore every tiny part of this city.

  • All I know regarding this game is that it's going to be worked on by the Yoshi-P team. The same team that wrote the story of Heavensward. This is already one pro I can see, because Heavensward was phenomenal as a story expansion. The story, characters, villains and overall narrative were all top notch.

    Also gameplay wise it's going to be worked on by the person who directed combat for both Devil May Cry 5 and Dragon's Dogma. I've never played either of those games so I can't comment regarding that, but I so hear good things about those action gameplay of DMCV and DD.

  • I like everything I'm seeing about this!

    With all the marketing they've been doing so far, I think it's safe to say it's coming out in 2021, right? Maybe even as early as June?

  • @axel I highly doubt it. Going to the just-launched site, the last quote at the bottom says it's still going to be awhile. Plus, this is Square we're talking here. This game isn't coming until holiday 2022 at the absolute EARLIEST.

  • @brannox Ah right, didn't see the website. Guess I got a bit carried away!

  • @axel Totally understandable. The little bit we've seen looks interesting, but I just have no faith in Square (much less any company for that matter) in releasing a game within a calendar year of when they announce a project.

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    @brannox I feel like I would have definitely agreed with you in the times of the Crystal Tools days where they spent years just trying to nail down an engine.
    Now that they've switched to Unreal I feel like the development pipeline will be a lot smoother. I'm not saying we'll see this soon, but at least a lot sooner than other games FF's after announcement.

  • @el-shmiablo I would like to have my skepticism tossed aside, but until they (or really anyone) can do so on a consistent basis, I just don't see it. At least as of now. Who knows, maybe the next gen platforms are "easier" to develop for. We'll have to see.

  • My guess is October 2022. Lock it in.

  • I was going to say that I think Clive Rosfield is a dumb name, but after giving it some thought, I think the series has given me enough dumb character names historically to invalidate my complaint.

    I'll just learn to love it like I have with past characters.

  • This makes me think that the game's soonest reappareance possible is at The Game Awards. Man, I really want to see more of this game.