Games You Wish You Played Sooner

  • What games do you wish you played a lot sooner than you did? Thanks to Nintendo gifting us with Super Mario All-Stars I finally got to try Super Mario Sunshine-which I feel I should've played as a kid on the GameCube.

  • I have a habit of not wanting to be a part of the zeitgeist when games come out. It stresses me out having too many conversations when something is hot, and so oftentimes I'll wait for things, even go so far as to tell myself why I don't care to play it, and then have that moment from the end of the Not Funny GT sketch about Titanfall.

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    Most recently off the top of my head, probably Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I played it at friends' houses growing up, but I never had an N64. My sister recently gifted me one, and I love that game! Not my favorite Zelda, but still excellent!

  • Mário 64. I was a PlayStation teen, Mario 64 was captivating but never had the opportunity to try it. Fast forward to 4 years ago when 36 year old me is playing it for the first time and realising it is indeed one of the best games ever made and how delightful and mind-blowing would have been to play it back then. On the other hand tried Ocarina of Time and couldn't get into it.

    Right now can't wait to start Sunshine. Brand "new" 3D Mario in a horrible year like 2020, I really hope I enjoy it!

  • I wish I would have played the mainline Final Fantasy games when I was younger. My first Final Fantasy games were Final Fantasy Tactics A2 and Final Fantasy XIII. I played them both around the same time when XIII released on Xbox 360.

    Final Fantasy was not popular among my friends and I was a dumb kid. And even now, I still haven't finished any of the SNES, PS1, PS2 games. I've tried going back to some of those games, but I just can't seem to get invested in them. Which is unfortunate because I'm sure if I would have played them back when they released, I would have really enjoyed them, like I have with FF XV and FF VII Remake.

    Also, Square Enix needs to make a new Final Fantasy Tactics, those games are so good.

  • Just remembered another one: Pokemon Snap!

    I gave this game such a hard time for years after it came out. A photography game? On rails? Please. My best buddy tried to convince me for the longest time that it was good, and I wouldn't hear any part of it. Then I got that N64 with the game, booted it up, and it was some of the most jolly times I've had on the system. My girlfriend and I played it for days trying to find all the secrets and get the best photos. It's now one of my favorite games on the system that I've played and I'm stoked for the new one on Switch. I eat my words, Snap is wonderful.

  • @happygaming Reminds me of things I've heard people go through with the Harvest Moon etc. games. "A game about farming? There's no way that's fun." Then they play it and end up having a great time.

  • Resident Evil 4. I tried it some months ago thinking I was going to have a great time but I hated the gameplay so much that I just quit during the first 30m of so. Probably had I played it back then gameplay would be acceptable.

  • Another game I wish I played sooner was XIII. Again I was too young to be able to buy a copy for myself being 11 years of age. Of course I only remind myself of this because the remake is coming out on Tuesday.

  • @jdincinerator I played it at a buddy's house down the street years and years back. I'm actually really stoked for the remake, even if it isn't perfect, it's such a unique game I'd like to try out!

  • I'll probably have to go with Borderlands for this question.

    I bought it (game of the year edition) in sale for under $10 last month and everything just clicked. I fell in love with the first hour of the first game and now have alot to catchup to as I've understand all three games are 80+ hours worth of content. Something I'm okay with exhausting as long as I'm having fun. Which is exactly the case right now.

  • Yakuza. Everything Yakuza. I was a big River City Ransom kid growing up, and I played every character action game I could looking for something that felt anywhere close. Yakuza was the thing that has been the closest in tone and in terms of combat being deep and shallow at the same time.

  • Definitely the Shenmue games. I didn't know much about the series until I started watching the Allies, being invested in their content and curious about their past. Huber's love for the series has been documented numerous times, and I thought the game looked quite interesting. I got to try the first game with the PS4 HD remaster, and while there was a few bugs in the remaster that kinda bothered me, I was very impressed by the game's attentive, careful and deliberate nature. Shenmue 1 is probably one of my favorite games ever, and I also really like the sequel's approach to upping the stakes of Ryo's adventure, although I still prefer the first game. I already started Shenmue III since a few months ago, and I'm very slowly progressing through it while taking in all the joy of exploring it's charming and nostalgic world.

  • @happygaming Considering how many great remakes have come out this year-it looks like this might be another one.

  • @sazime
    Have a friend who finally started playing them after Kiwami was on PS+, he then tried to convince me to play the series to which I responded "I've been telling you for almost 8 years to try it out"

  • Pretty much every PS1 game. I was too young to play some of the classics so I've had to go back and try them. I'm still doing that to this day. And I have to say, I think the PS1 has the best library. All of these games are worth the time.

  • @bam541 I'm exactly there for every part of this. I never had a Dreamcast, and so I picked up the HD collection during a bout of unemployment purely based on Huber's enthusiasm and not knowing a lot else about the game, and it's honestly one of my all time favorites now. It's like a warm blanket. There are so few games that operate in quite the same way or have the same feeling.

  • I don't know if there are any? I'm not sure what I could have gained from playing any game earlier. Later might be a different story though.