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  • @tokeeffe9 I'm bummed I forgot about SOMA, that was up there was one of my favorites last year. Agreed, absolutely perfect ending there. I actually stayed up until 6 am in the morning playing that with a friend. We were so invested and just needed to see how it ended. We sat there in silence, watching the credits. Then it was her slowly saying, "I need to go home and think about things," that made me appreciate the game even more.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I just don't get why,

    if we're playing as present-day, our-universe Booker, and literally seeing through his eyes in first person, drowning him would at all affect the other Comstocks and Elizabeths.

  • @Haru17

    I think it's meant to represent just the one pre-decision Booker, but you're right, it is a bit if disconnect. I honestly don't know how else they would represent that idea though. That's probably why things like the nosebleeds were stuffed in there, to show that both the player and Booker are unaware of when you've been swapped into another reality.

    Suspension of disbelief as well. Lots of things have plot holes in 'em if you look hard enough. I'm willing to look past Infinite's holes, you're not.

    That sounded mildly dirty.

  • @Brannox said in Best Endings:

    I agree with the Last of Us completely and while I enjoyed Bioshock Infinite, the ending was a bit, not necessarily good or bad, but left me in a state of.... uhhh... ooooookay?

    For me, here are my picks for endings that are "Best" for me:

    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

    The entire game was an homage to the series as a whole, but the entirety of Chapter 4 epitomized this. The feeling of nostalgia and appreciation for the franchise really hit home when playing as Cassie and when the photo was set down... That emotion of knowing that the book had been closed was one of deep satisfaction and sadness.

    Yes, yes, yes! And to add

    Spoiler People seem to lack any sort of ability to think critically towards what purposes characters serve within a plot, (another reason why Shakespeare should probably continue to be studied in high schools, but nevertheless) and for that reason I detest the often overwhelming animosity placed towards Nathan and Elena's child in the epilogue of this game.

    Spoiler I assume their actual disdain towards her is more telling of their own likely anti-social feelings towards children as opposed to what Naughty Dog actually did with her. She is barely characterized nor does she exist in the story long enough to provide enough grounds for dislike. She was a wonderful inclusion to the game because she as a character served as a tool for the player - especially long time fans who played Uncharted back in 2007 - to reminisce one final time on the 10 years we spent with the series. We aren't learning any profound information about this little girl. In fact, we learn very little about her - what she is, is what we put into her.

    Spoiler I spent almost 40 minutes just walking around the house and playing with the artifacts that I collected in Drake's Fortune, in my old room, in 2007, in middle school (I'm currently 21 finishing university). This epilogue is a walk through memory lane. Nothing made me feel more nostalgic than finishing the game playing Crash Bandicoot IN Uncharted 4 but then that was topped as the game fades out on the photo of Nate, Elena, and Scully on the Jeep from the first game.

    Spoiler Where does the time go? Great ending (And that is without even mentioning a sword fight climax).

  • Final Fantasy Tactics:

    After your group defeats ultima there believed dead by everyone they may actually be dead its not stated either way. the game then switches to delita now king of ivalice hes brought some flowers home to his wife who upon seeing him stabs him in a rage he kills her. then he falls to his knees looks up the the sjy and says "Ramza what did you get in all this "Ramza was the player character who saved the world but will be forgotten amung history while delita will be celebrated for centuries as a great hero .

    the ending always stuck with me and i consider it the best ending in the series as a whole

  • @SabotageTheTruth, I as well did not get into the trilogy until after it had been out a while and maybe the following statement is more suited for your Worst Endings thread, but...... ME 3 ending was FINE FOR ME. Sure it was somewhat anticlimactic and it isn't a great ending, but I didn't have, nor do I have, the vitriol that is EVERYWHERE. FYI, Middle option is best option. Just gonna throw that out there.

    @GoTaco I would like to echo your message: Yes, yes, yes and with my own HELL YES attributed to it. And not to cross post topics: UC 4: GOTY so far (for me).

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  • @FF7Cloud One of the best games of all time, hands down.

  • Uncharted 4's ending is probably the best I've seen recently. I think its a perfect send off for the series, even though I was pretty sad to see it end for good.

    Totally agree with TLOU also.. though I think Shadow of the Colossus might be my favorite of all time.

    I also really love most of the Zelda endings, though Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess might be my favorites of the series

  • @Faaip No doubt!

    Twilight Princess had an amazing sequence of boss fights and cutscenes, ending on the perfect bittersweet note of Midna running up the stairs to the portal as the music swells.

    Majora's Mask had a great ending as well. It contextualizes the usual, garish "rainbow element puzzle rush" of Ganon's Tower into one suitably trippy locale. It was really cool to have the tension of the final six hours fade into an uneasy peace: just great pacing work. Plus, nothing (outside of an anime) had looked like this before:

    alt text

  • Phantasy Star II
    Elevator Action Returns
    Sunset Riders

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    Make sure to spoiler when it's needed guys. I've updated a post to include it correctly.
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    The great thing with games too is we are able to go back and play them or get remasters of them. Even in the last year I've beaten the likes of FF9. Suikoden, Chrono Trigger, Super Metroid and ALTTP and I was glad I wasn't spoiled on any of those.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I had no problems with that ending, I played the games end to end over the years. I never got the hatred of it.

    I found SOMA's ending interesting mainly because of the overall concept of the game has been explored elsewhere a lot lately. Part of the fiction zeitgeist, I suppose.

    And now for the Syndrome! You can go back as far as 'The Prestige' to see some of that philosophical though of the self and which one is the real "you" in action. Not only from the perspective of Angier, but the Borden's and their double lives. It's not the first, but it has always stuck with me.

  • @BabyfartsMcgeezaks Honestly one of the only game endings that has made me cry.

  • Life is Strange. Chapter 5 in general, but especially the final choice.

    The choice to save the city seems like the more cannon one to me. I was okay until the pictures of them started burning after the final reset, then I was just a pile of "damn it game, you got some tears" lol.

  • @kirkking2000 Really? I though LiS ended on a downward trend.

    It wasn't the lack of choice reflection that bugged me, but rather the weird faceless, voiceless force of destiny that seemed added at the last minute. That and the lack of closure. Episode 5 was sorely missing a sequence at the dorms where you can walk around and talk to your classmates, teachers, your parents, and see Jefferson get hauled away (or, alternatively, talk to Chloe about how you're genocidal). I think that game is canon '15 GOTY, I just don't see why the ending in particular was remarkable to you.

  • @Haru17

    One of the reasons I think I was able to overlook a lack of closure is that I looked at it for what it was called, Season One. While I agree, it would've been nice to see a little more follow through on Jefferson actually being taken care of, the Jefferson/David choice seemed like a payoff in itself. Most of the major choices, I would rewind and at least see all of my options before I settled on a final choice. Then David shot Jefferson, and I was like no need, I'm good! lol. It might not have had a "standard" dorm investigation/ talking scene, but it did have the reverse scene, and the other various mind trips, which I thought were amazing. I suppose just the culmination of all the emotional investment in Max and Chloe's relationship I had built up over the previous 10 or so hours of game play being ripped away was just a tad too much for me

    If nothing else, chalk it up to me having just recently completed it, and wanting to include a new entry in the conversation :P

  • First Mafia. one of original deus ex ending

  • Transister.

    We spend the entire game with this protagonist who does not say a word because they stole her voice. She finally meets up with her boyfriend at the end in some sort of after life. He says "hi" and she just says a small "hey". It's the only time we hear her talk and it sent chills up my spine. The art and the music really polished it off and its one of the best endings I have seen. That is a games company that seem to have their games all sorted and worked out before they make them.

    Half life. 1 and 2

    For such a simple game it must be hard to come up with an ending. The obvious option would be the whole, well you just saved the entire world good job. Instead that try something different. A strange "man" literally ends the game for you. Pulls you out of reality and says basically this is the end for now. Your going to sleep until next time. Breaks the fourth wall. Gives this simple game an interesting mystery. One I fear will never be explained now. Valve. .. Please..

    Tomb raider 1

    The fight in the pyramid. The classic ending of lara escaping as the island blows up behind her. An ending fit for any adventure film. To see it on a ps1 game was cool.

    Mass effect 3

    Only joking