Best Endings

  • Phantasy Star II
    Elevator Action Returns
    Sunset Riders

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    Make sure to spoiler when it's needed guys. I've updated a post to include it correctly.
    To use spoilers, start a new paragraph, click on the eye icon and replace the word 'spoiler' with whatever it is you're spoiling.

    You have to start on a new paragraph, otherwise it won't hide the text.

    I don't fully understand. When I replace the highlighted "spoiler" text with what I want to hide, it does in fact work, but when I start on a new paragraph it doesn't hide what is under. I had to re-edit my post for that reason, I had paragraphs.

    ALSO, does the 3 year rule kinda apply around here or are we strictly on courtesy policy?

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    @GoTaco I've updated my previous post to show an example. Hopefully that explains it better.

    Also we don't have any strict rules but I'd be more on the courtesy side of things. This thread is specifically on endings so it's always best to spoil everything.

    The great thing with games too is we are able to go back and play them or get remasters of them. Even in the last year I've beaten the likes of FF9. Suikoden, Chrono Trigger, Super Metroid and ALTTP and I was glad I wasn't spoiled on any of those.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I had no problems with that ending, I played the games end to end over the years. I never got the hatred of it.

    I found SOMA's ending interesting mainly because of the overall concept of the game has been explored elsewhere a lot lately. Part of the fiction zeitgeist, I suppose.

    And now for the Syndrome! You can go back as far as 'The Prestige' to see some of that philosophical though of the self and which one is the real "you" in action. Not only from the perspective of Angier, but the Borden's and their double lives. It's not the first, but it has always stuck with me.

  • @BabyfartsMcgeezaks Honestly one of the only game endings that has made me cry.

  • Life is Strange. Chapter 5 in general, but especially the final choice.

    The choice to save the city seems like the more cannon one to me. I was okay until the pictures of them started burning after the final reset, then I was just a pile of "damn it game, you got some tears" lol.

  • @kirkking2000 Really? I though LiS ended on a downward trend.

    It wasn't the lack of choice reflection that bugged me, but rather the weird faceless, voiceless force of destiny that seemed added at the last minute. That and the lack of closure. Episode 5 was sorely missing a sequence at the dorms where you can walk around and talk to your classmates, teachers, your parents, and see Jefferson get hauled away (or, alternatively, talk to Chloe about how you're genocidal). I think that game is canon '15 GOTY, I just don't see why the ending in particular was remarkable to you.

  • @Haru17

    One of the reasons I think I was able to overlook a lack of closure is that I looked at it for what it was called, Season One. While I agree, it would've been nice to see a little more follow through on Jefferson actually being taken care of, the Jefferson/David choice seemed like a payoff in itself. Most of the major choices, I would rewind and at least see all of my options before I settled on a final choice. Then David shot Jefferson, and I was like no need, I'm good! lol. It might not have had a "standard" dorm investigation/ talking scene, but it did have the reverse scene, and the other various mind trips, which I thought were amazing. I suppose just the culmination of all the emotional investment in Max and Chloe's relationship I had built up over the previous 10 or so hours of game play being ripped away was just a tad too much for me

    If nothing else, chalk it up to me having just recently completed it, and wanting to include a new entry in the conversation :P

  • First Mafia. one of original deus ex ending

  • Transister.

    We spend the entire game with this protagonist who does not say a word because they stole her voice. She finally meets up with her boyfriend at the end in some sort of after life. He says "hi" and she just says a small "hey". It's the only time we hear her talk and it sent chills up my spine. The art and the music really polished it off and its one of the best endings I have seen. That is a games company that seem to have their games all sorted and worked out before they make them.

    Half life. 1 and 2

    For such a simple game it must be hard to come up with an ending. The obvious option would be the whole, well you just saved the entire world good job. Instead that try something different. A strange "man" literally ends the game for you. Pulls you out of reality and says basically this is the end for now. Your going to sleep until next time. Breaks the fourth wall. Gives this simple game an interesting mystery. One I fear will never be explained now. Valve. .. Please..

    Tomb raider 1

    The fight in the pyramid. The classic ending of lara escaping as the island blows up behind her. An ending fit for any adventure film. To see it on a ps1 game was cool.

    Mass effect 3

    Only joking

  • "Snake... Had a hard life."

    Still cry, every time. I tear up just thinking about it.

    Also these two games.

    alt text

    alt text

  • @Paper-Lion Hell yes to your second picture.

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    @Paper-Lion Hell yes to your second picture.

    "Hey... Would you say I became a hero?"

    Youtube Video

  • @Paper-Lion !@#$-ing Shinra.... :cry: . But seriously though, probably one of the top 3 best looking scenes I've ever seen on the PSP.

  • Dragon's Dogma. Impossible to explain or predict, totally wonderful and deeply silly; fitting for a game that you have to play to understand why converts are so bloody noisy about it.

    alt text

    Also Crusader of Centy / Soleil. Brandon mentioned games you could have a bit of a walk about at the end it, if my brain isn't totally fried this is one of them.

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