Should I pick up...?

  • Yo everyone!

    I have a certain issue. Maybe not an issue per se, but something I struggle with on a regular basis. You see, every week, I peruse the PS4 deals and new releases, sometimes the Switch sales, and I'll add a bunch of things to my cart. Then I'll spend the next week stressing over whether or not I should actually click on that "Proceed to Checkout" button. I'll watch videos from trusted sources, contemplate whether the genre is what I want versus what I have that I haven't finished and already have, wonder if the game is something that is worth trying altogether. And then the week goes by, and I start the cycle over, usually having not checked out at all.

    I thought up this thread from that mentality, because sometimes you just need a buddy to tell you yes or no, and why. You can watch all the videos in the world, but sometimes the best source of confidence comes from honest people. So I figured maybe sometimes this community struggles in the same way, and we can help each other know what to check out from their carts. So let's help each other find games we want to pick up, especially when we're having the most trouble!

  • I'll start because this is the game that prompted me to actually start this thread:

    Should I buy:
    Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

  • @happygaming
    Yes, absolutely yes.
    It's basically Skyrim with a dash of Devil May Cry mixed with it. Will say it has a dum as fuck story where you never know what mission actually continues the story.

  • What I do is just Wishlist everything I want, then wait for good enough sales to push me towards actually getting the games, and even if the sale is good, if I'm not in the mood to play it, I just pass until the next sale.

  • It's maybe too early to ask but should I pick up 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim?

    I've seen this game getting a lot of hype recently and I don't want to watch Ben's review because of potential spoilers. Is it worth playing?

  • @shoulderguy Sounds like if you like deep characters and complex, intertwining subject matter, but maybe not if you're just in it for Kaiju Mech battles or whatever since that seems to be the much weaker part.

  • I listened to Ben's review and it sounds interesting. I'll add it to my Gamefly queue.

  • @shoulderguy I'm currently playing it and my answer is ABSOLUTELY! This game is easy my GOTY.

  • I get the same way. Right now I have Danganronpa and Catherine Full Body sitting in my cart.

  • @mechimmortal I'd say absolutely for Catherine. It's not perfect, and I definitely don't think it's for everyone, but it talks about things games rarely do (sex, relationships, etc) in ways that feel very impactful. It sort of has Persona elements with how you need to take your time and pick what characters you're going to hear the full story for as well, however not as in depth as that. I wasn't as into the additions Full Body added, and actually feel like in a way they sort of detract from the overall message the original had of the importance of picking a relationship that is right for you, or not, but it doesn't hurt it too much overall. That may just be me griping though because of how much I care about the game.

    Danganronpa I think depends on how much you're into visual novels. It kept me fully invested until the end, and I love the story and the detective-work of figuring out the murder scenes, but I also think the actual argumentative sections are a turn off for some people because they throw you a lot of mechanics that are difficult to fully grasp up front. It's also a lot longer than I anticipated, so get ready to be reading some chapters for a little bit. All that being said, I really liked the first one, was less into the second one and haven't finished it.

  • @happygaming Thanks a lot for that information! Maybe I'll just go with Catherine.