Harshest GT/Easy Allies Reviews

  • It's a rarity but there are a few review from GT and Easy Allies that I don't agree with. Mafia 3 got a 2 and a half star review from Huber and I actually think it should be swimming in 7s. Sure Mafia 3 has some notable flaws, but I quite enjoyed the brutal executions, the premise, the setting and the story. What GT/Easy Allies reviews don't you agree with and why?

  • What's an harsh EA review a, 7/10? 😁

  • Banned

    @jdincinerator I think if you played Mafia 3 at launch is might seem more akin to complete trash.
    It took a while for that game to become much more than a raging, glitchy dumpster fire.

  • I know this is an objectively BAD way of looking at things but keep in mind I was a simple minded middle schooler / high schooler in GameTrailers prime and it was an editorial decision for them to break their reviews up into individually scored categories in their earlier years. I remember I used to be completely baffled when a game would receive a higher score in the "Story" category than another game that has a way better story.

    One thing that comes to mind is how high they scored the Halo 3 story. I think they gave it a 9.8 or something. I don't think Mass Effect, Fallout 3, or Uncharted got anywhere close to that and those were all 2007 games.

    Another infamous example is how they gave Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 really really high scores in every category including presentation and story. Like I think they gave that story the notorious GT 9.8/10 and that plot is complete garbage nonsense.

    I know their editorial changed over the years and they used to freelance some reviews, but hot damn I wish somebody stepped in and said "really" back then. Again, I know this is a BAD way of analyzing a game. Nothing good ever came from comparing review scores but my fuck Halo 3 and MW2 DO NOT have good stories haha.

  • If we're just looking at the lowest scores given, I recall Bombshell, Orc Attack and GI Joe Rise of Cobra getting very low scores back in the GameTrailers days. As far as scores I don't agree with though, I'd have to dig through and see what I remember.

  • @dipset Fallout 3 came out in 2008.