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    I would say focus more on exploration than going for the next objective and try to be creative with its systems, for instance when approaching an enemy camp instead of just fighting them seek alternative ways to approach the situation.

    I didn't love BOTW but have since become amazed at all the things you can do with the abilities in this game. It still doesn't fix durability and wet climbing surfaces but does make the game look way more fun.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I love the climbing.

    Weapon durability I have issues with the lack of justification within the game (that could be easily explained by a curse) but mechanically I'm fine with it. As I always say, weapon durability in BotW is basically Halo in how it affects weapon management. Durability is essentially ammunition, which feels weird and counter intuitive being melee. But mechanically I like it.

  • @phbz Fixed my original post, was meant to say "wet" climbing surfaces. I loved the climbing...right up until I was half way up a huge wall and it started to rain.

    As for durability, I feel like it takes away a part of Zelda that I have always enjoyed and that is looking for the best gear and feeling like I have accomplished something when I find it and my reward is mine to keep. I was really pleased when I finally got the Gilded Sword and Fairy Sword in Majora's Mask and the Biggoron's Sword in Ocarina of Time. In BOTW, any time I worked hard to find a piece of gear, I didn't want to use it because it would eventually break and be gone. I never remembered where I had found each weapon or shield because none of them were unique and they all just broke and disappeared.

    I'm not saying the way I like it is how it should be, I'm just saying it's the way I like it. I guess I have become accustomed to getting attached to my stuff in Zelda games and didn't like the change.

  • Ignore any pressure to do anything. Do whatever you feel like. If you see something interesting off in the distance, even if it's very far or very hard to reach, go to it. Spend time just messing around in specific areas.

    Much joy is to be had messing around with the rune powers. Once upgraded, Stasis can freeze enemies in midair. If you're a pro, you can freeze thrown weapons in midair or even catch them with Magnesis.

    Use the Camera rune to take pictures of the animals, monsters, weapons, and plants you find, which adds them to the Hyrule Compendium. You can buy photos you're missing (dispensed randomly) at the Hateno Village lab. Be warned that the reward for a full set doesn't do anything - it's about the journey.

    Always keep a Korok Leaf or two handy to power rafts. You can briefly float objects with Octo Balloons, and use Korok Leafs or wind gusts to move them around.

    You can make some neat looking outfits by mixing and matching different pieces of clothing/armour, then dying them in Hateno Village.

    I especially loved exploring areas near waterfalls and the tops of snowy mountains.

    Most of all, don't ever feel that you to have to blaze through the game. Take all the time in the world to appreciate the small moments, and your surroundings.

    If you don't like this slow style of play and need constant motivation, then BotW, at least in the long run, simply may not be your thing. Passive gamers will get much more out of it than active gamers.

  • Unconventional advice: walk around your neighborhood. Don't have a destination. Don't listen to music or a podcast. Just pick a direction and walk. Then, when you feel like you've walked too far in one direction, flip a coin and turn right or left depending on the result. If you see a corner or a sign you've never seen before, walk towards it. If you accidentally enter a bad neighborhood, just turn around. No big deal. It happens to everyone. Keep going. Just walk until you feel like you've come to understand where you live a little better, like the pavement beneath your feet hums with an energy that is just a little higher in pitch than it was before. Keep walking until you realize that where you live - no matter how boring - is a special place that you're only beginning to understand.

    Then play Zelda and try to encapsulate that feeling again.

  • @phbz The thing is I really like Breath of the Wild and Souls-type games like Bloodborne but when it comes to certain elements of their gameplay I just can't contend with them the way I assume many gamers have done. Not only the durability systems in BOTW but also having to change clothing to prevent you from death-stuff like that just isn't fun and I play games for that reason primarily. However I love the BOTW's art style, I enjoy the soundtrack, I like the experimentation-it truly does deserves to be recognized as one of the best games of all time-just not in my books at the moment.

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    having to change clothing to prevent you from death-stuff

    Or you can equip certain weapons or eat or drink elixirs or just spam recovery items in a pinch.

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    @jdincinerator said:

    having to change clothing to prevent you from death-stuff

    Or you can equip certain weapons or eat or drink elixirs or just spam recovery items in a pinch.

    Yep - among countless other neat little touches in BotW, equipping fire-based weapons warms you a little (and helps melt ice blocks).

  • @oscillator I used this one a ton because I was stingy on eating certain foods outside of a pinch. Really helpful in certain environments!

  • Some of these might be considered spoilers but here are some tips you can use.

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