Going Under: Internships Are Heck

  • For those of you who don't know Going Under: Interships Are Heck is a new roguelike about sending naughty tech start-up businesses into bankruptcy by using a variety of projectiles to deal out punishment to these techy cave-dwellers. It's colourful, it's a strange take on a roguelike and it could be worth a punt for you lot if you like what it's going for. Here's a trailer if you're interested:

    Youtube Video

  • I've been looking forward to this for a while. Aside from it being a roguelite, I really dig the art style, tone, and premise of the setting. It's getting pretty good reviews as well so far, seen a lot of people saying the combat is fun and the game having good humor.

  • @bam541 Even better is that it caters for those who want a more forgiving time, big kudos to Team 17 and Aggro Crab for that.

  • Bought the game since it's on sale a few days ago, and I got to play for about 2 hours (according to HLTB I'm like 35% done already). I have beaten the boss on the first dungeon, and completed maybe a dozen of the side objectives. It's pretty cool so far.

    The combat is pretty fun, you can pick up most objects and attack with them, but they have different attributes and all of them can break, so it pushes you to pay attention and properly attune your mindset with each object (think of BOTW). It can really get chaotic at times, especially in combination with certain abilities and skills that you'll get in the dungeon, but sometimes the chaos can feel annoying since it feels like it randomly happens without you knowing why or how.

    I think the most impressive part of this game so far is how well it understands the vibe/message that it is trying to achieve with the art style and writing. It's pretty entertaining (and somewhat depressing tbh) to see how fucked up the corporate world of Neo Cascadia is. It's funny, but also hits too close to home.

    Also, the game is really clever at implementing gameplay elements with this vibe. For example, before entering a dungeon you can equip an ability to basically buy anything in the dungeon shop without needing to have enough money, but if you do, you will be chained to a literal big metal ball of debt until you have enough money to pay that debt. The ball will slow you down, and you can also pick it up to attack enemies. There's a bunch of other examples like this and it's really fun to see each one.

  • The OST is on Spotify now. Been listening to it for a bit, there's some super chill tracks here.

  • There's a new free content update, and it looks pretty neat. It's only on PC though, for now at least.