31-Day Game Challenge

  • Day 27 - Handheld Game

    Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land

    Back before he became a shadow of his former self and was basically used for in-jokes, minigames and bodily humor, Wario was a greedy pirate treasure hunter who just wanted all the money for himself, and I can get behind that. In his debut game, Wario set himself apart from Mario in a completely different kind of game. There was platforming, but it felt more like an adventure in a way where you progress from environment to environment. You can jump on enemies, but that doesn't dispose of them, you'll need to ram them if you want to do it right, making a sort of inverse to how you get rid of enemies to Mario's jump (left right to up down). Even the hat power-ups that you pick up encourage ramming enemies, like the jet-hat that lets you rocket in the air at top speed.

    The first three Wario Land adventures are super solid Gameboy games that still go underappreciated today compared to Mario's handheld outings. Even the fourth one is fun, although it feels a little different than the previous outings. I definitely recommend them if you haven't played them!

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  • Day 27 - Handheld Game

    Resistance: Retribution

    This spot could go to many handheld games but this entry goes to one of my favourite PSP games of all time and arguably the best Resistance game of the lot-Resistance: Retribution. How SONY Bend managed to make the most of the PSP's limitations to make such an exciting, diverse and brilliant third-person shooter is beyond comprehension but here we are. Shoutouts go Killzone: Mercenary and both God of War Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta for showing just how much playability and visual appeal can be squeezed out of a handheld system.

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  • @bam541 I cannot begin to tell you just how amazingly fun Odyssey is. I know you can say the same thing about all 3D Mario games but Odyssey is one of the most delightful, quirky and cheery games you will ever play.

  • Day 27 - Handheld Game
    Gran Turismo

    This is probably my favorite handheld racing game. PSP has a ton of great racing games, but this one is pretty special to me. For starters, the structure of this game is very handheld centered. There's no campaign or career mode, it's just a single-player mode where you start races on your own, and there's a good variety of tracks to pick. This makes it kinda light on content, but what makes me come back almost everyday is the fact that the dealership sells different cars from different manufacturers each day, and it's quite often to see something that is pretty close to my budget, so I'll race a few laps and earn some cash to get it, then test drive it in another race. That loop just keeps rolling on, and it's really fun. The less arcade-y mechanics also make it stand out in the crowd. Also, there's a pretty decent OST here, I still can hum some of the menu tracks.

    Youtube Video – [02:37..]

    @JDINCINERATOR that's what makes me so excited, I feel like I'm gonna smile the whole way through my playthrough of it.

  • Day 28 - Game that makes you nostalgic



    This was one of the first games I played, but that's not the only reason it makes me nostalgic. There's a lightness to the way the game presents its story and world that manages to both show the weird and dark parts of life, but showcase it in a nonthreatening way as if perceived with the youth you had when you were like 10. Every character and situation exudes a sense of optimism and positivity, even when dealing with themes like gang violence, police brutality, cults, aliens, zombies, extortion among other things. It's honest with youth, and it makes you feel like things will be okay in the end. The bad things are there, but it will all be alright when you're with your friends.

  • Day 28 - Game that makes you nostalgic

    GTA Vice City
    Youtube Video

    No I wasn't born in the 1980s as some may assume this is why I'd feel nostalgic about this one, I'm nostalgic for this game and for this trailer because when I saw this trailer for the first time it genuinely felt like I was looking at paradise. Maybe it's the shot of Tommy Vercetti yawning whilst standing on his Squallo speedboat or the sun blaring through the palm trees, but this trailer has resonated with me since I first watched it when I was a 10 year-old boy. Oh and that breezy Kool and The Gang tune Summer Madness made it all the more blissful.

  • Day 28 - Game that makes you nostalgic
    Katawa Shoujo

    I already wrote a decently length post on how I feel about this game on the 2012 GOTYs thread in this forum, so I'll just focus on how I played this again for a bit kinda recently. It really took me back to a time when I was so obssesed with Visual Novels, I finished 2 other VNs that were also like 30+ hours in and tried a couple more that I didn't finish. Simpler times. I didn't even dip in school grades, it was all good. I'm gonna post the main menu theme again because it's fucking perfect.

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  • @jdincinerator I think the best thing about Vice City is that the vibes are so excellent and palpable. Even as someone who know nothing about Miami life and American culture in general, playing this always gives me the feeling of being in a past memory that I never had.

  • @bam541 You're not British are you? I am British and I feel the same way you do about Vice City.

  • @jdincinerator no I'm definitely not, lol.

  • Day 29 - Final Boss

    Mother Brain - Super Metroid

    As a kid, I remember this being one of the most powerful five minutes I could remember. Granted, I had yet to play Final Fantasy VI and a few other games that had come out, but this was a culmination of an entire game. There's hardly any dialogue or text in Super Metroid, but there are visual story moments that come through throughout, and this brings them all together into a powerful concluding moment;

    taking down the space pirates and Mother Brain, recovering the Metroid after it remembers you as its mother from the previous adventure, and inevitably fighting to avenge it when it sacrifices its life for you, giving you the Rainbow Beam, the most powerful gun in the entire game.

    After all is said and done, you still need to make a bold escape to the exit, not to forget saving your little animal friends before the planet goes up in a big explosion.

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  • Day 29 - Final Boss
    Ratchet and Clank 2: Going Commando

    This is a unique situation, because I can't tell you much about this boss. It's not just because I haven't played this in a long time. It's also because I completely and utterly annihilated them in a matter of seconds with my RYNO 2 that I got after multiple hours of playtime to complete all the necessary side stuff to get it. In other words, I beat the boss so hard, I pretty much skipped them. It feels so good, man. I love hard-to-earn but overpowered shit like this.

    Youtube Video – [04:21..]

  • Day 30 - End Credits


    After an emotionally exhausting adventure through life itself and all the adversities, there's a sense of catharsis in the end of the game. As we see our character enter the light and we bid them a tearful goodbye, we get to watch as they fly above all that they've encountered and all the adversities we went through together, showcasing all of the adventurers we saw along the way. It's all brought together even more by the final song, and the beautiful singing of Lisbeth Scott in "I Was Born for This". It's a final, emotionally charged concluding farewell to the character and the emotional arc we were able to be a part of together.

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  • Day 30 - End Credits

    WWE Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth

    As far as credits go I can't think of a credits sequence more enjoyable and uplifting to watch than the ones in WWE Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth. Real American starts things off as we get to look at a lot of geometrical constructions and weird looking created characters. Then the credits switch over to Marilyn Manson's The Beautiful People and the credits get all bizarre and quite hilarious in places with superstars making faces inline with the music. I also love the Just Bring It credits for its beautiful first piece of music which is like an ode to the Attitude Era and No Mercy's for the chill vibes.

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  • Day 30 - End credits
    Final Fantasy XV

    Seeing the photos that Prompto took all the way from the beginning, and also the dialogues from the past, makes me feel nostalgic in my favorite kind of way: it's reminds me of how deficient our brains can be in interpreting temporal relations, and it leaves me stunned while I still try to process the story up to this point. The mid-credits absolutely broke me with it's beautiful showcase of the emotional bonds that the game has developed, and the post credit scene made me instinctively clap in awe, the same kind of clapping like after seeing being so thoroughly entertained by a movie in a theater even knowing that there are others that would be disturbed by the act. Also, Florence + The Machine's Stand by Me rendition is fucking flawless. It's a wonderful end to a long, messy, and memorable journey.

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  • Last day of the month before I put up the new one tomorrow. Being Halloween I can't think of many better games to put up than this one.

    Day 31 - Spooky Halloween Game

    Silent Hill

    I wasn't always into horror, but this was the game for me that turned me over. It isn't loud, buy incredibly slow and creeping. The beginning portion alone still has this sense of dread that gets under your skin as you walk through an alley looking for your daughter as things get dark and sirens blare, and you come across misshapen things that sound like they laugh as they grab you. Silent Hill is about subtext, it's about what could be underneath, and how that's much more scary than when you die in the game. It balances the survival very well, you'll still need to manage your bullets and health, and that's tense, but unraveling the secrets of the town and the protagonist, like it's loved sequel, is a spooktacular delight!

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  • Day 31 - Spooky Halloween Gane

    The PS4 remake is more jolly than spooky (the PS1 version feels way spookier), but pretty much every horror game is too spooky for me. It's just a fun game to go through. The old school game design can feel pretty novel at times, and there's some levels that really stand out, either because of how they visually look or because of the objective of the level and how it is structured. The framerate kinda sucks on base PS4 though, and there's some sections where I feel like the controls could be a bit tighter to make it more fair. Still, it's more than fun enough to make up for it's shortcomings.

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  • @bam541 out of curiosity, how would you rank the remake to the original? Halloween is almost over here but I'm still down to pick this one up, especially given the original is around the same price and I've got nice nostalgia for it.

  • @happygaming I only played a bit of the original (maybe like the first 4 levels), so I can't really say too much. I think the controls are objectively better in the remake, and the camera feels less claustrophobic (although it's still kinda clunky). The original game feels spookier, which is mostly because the remake opted to pursue this brighter, cartoony feel with the art style. I seen some Youtubers (like Caddicarus) preferring the original because of this, but I personally like the new remake look way more.

  • Day 31 - Spooky Halloween Game

    Alien: Isolation

    I don't know if there's a better game to get good and scared out of your skin by on Halloween night than Alien: Isolation. Sometimes the simple set up of man vs monster is all one needs to create plentiful frights but Alien: Isolation is unrelenting and a favourite even six-years after it came out.

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