Triple A Greed

  • Yes this is a Jim Sterling-like topic but what they hey. I don't really know why the triple A videogame industry is such a problem anymore because it seems we do all we can to push it as far as it can go and yet we continue to be dismayed by all the underhanded and downright criminal tactics they adopt. Media latches onto all this stuff and all we do is react in disgust-yet nothing changes and it's boring now. Jim keeps on rolling that ball out week in and week out and for several years I was on board but last year I stopped watching the Jimquisition because I realise that Jim's interests are shallow and most of the videogames he puts into the spotlight are those very ones he's vehemently against just for views. I know Jim has a laugh about it too but his vibes are usually very negative. This is why Easy Allies are perfect, they are just 8 guys who love videogames and showcase their passion and sense of humour about them. Sorry for this overinflated rant but yes do give your insights and opinions of Jim, the greed in the videogame industry and whether you think anything will improve about the state of it. Personally I think things will only get worse but I suppose it's better to laugh and smile our way through it-sadly it's not the 90s or 00s anymore but that doesn't mean we can't find some fun through all the dreck.

  • With the new price increase I want all those micro transaction shit to be gone. They were defending themselves with previous prices were not enough to produce these titles but now the got what they want, so leave it altogether.

  • This is why I instantly attached to Easy Allies. Gamers™ love to be angered by things, especially things they're already pre-disposed to hate or have a problem with.

    I love Easy Allies because they focus on things they love, they lift up all games, and they make me feel good about my interest in the hobby.

    In a way, as soon as these people have come to rely on the financial income that those videos bring, they're kinda stuck. Jim can't make a video about microtransactions in an EA game and say "but wait, let's look at this from EAs point of view".

    YongYea is by far the worst perpetrator for Gamer™ outrage. He always spins his stories to be emotive based on previous disposition.

    Mosnter Energy Trademark

    If he did his research into how Trademark law works, he would see that when you own a Trademark you have to dispute even the slightest possibility of a infringement, as otherwise you risk losing your rights to the trademark. Whether Monster wants to or not, if they must file something, and then it's up to the Ubisoft to take it to court and decide whether there is actually an infringement.

    505 "Lies"

    Again, because "Lie" is such an impactful word, they have to get it in, which hilariously means that they themselves are lying. 505 Games and Remedy never said they couldn't upgrade anyone. They said they couldn't upgrade everyone. There's a huge difference between those two statements, but what's even worse is that they actually went into detail and said explicitly that it was possible to upgrade certain groups of owners of the game but that "one group always ended up getting left out".

    The problem with Video Games at the moment is that the industry still has little in the way of a reliable source of news. I think the closest thing is Kotaku and they're having their UK branch shut down!

  • Banned

    I too can't stand outrage YouTubers. The entire month or so leading up to TLOU2's launch was unbearably annoying with the army of chuds decrying the leaks.
    But as somebody already mentioned, when your demographic is mostly reactionary 12 year olds, you kinda gotta go with the flow and avoid any sort of nuanced discussion surrounding any given topic.