Monster Hunter Rise (Switch/PC)

  • Monster Hunter Rise releases March 26, 2021 on Nintendo Switch.

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  • Gameplay Demo from TGS 2020.

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  • 2021 begins... right now!

  • I played the demo for a bit, and I actually enjoyed it. It's like they made a smaller, more condensed version of MH World (like a hybrid of older style MH games and World), which I'm totally down for. Exploration actually feels fun and not overwhelming/confusing, unlike in World, and having a mount makes the whole thing more fast-paced, which is great. I'm not quite sure what to think about the wirebug stuff yet, it looks cool but doesn't seem mindblowingly useful to me, but the wyvern riding is pretty fun. Also, the game runs quite smoothly, which I'm quite surprised by. I'm gonna try the online play later. Looks like this might be the second big game I buy full price near launch for my Switch.

  • Played the demo a little bit. Anyone else annoyed by that frequent beeping noise that sounds like your microwave is done? The game has no chill with reminding you to hurry to your next objective. I ended up turning the sound level that controlled it down to like 4, but that feels like an imperfect solution since it turns other sounds that slider controls down too. If I'm missing some "don't beep me every 10 seconds" option, please tell me. Also quite silly the tutorial quest that's teaching you basic shit has a time limit on it. Dude, I'm just researching menu shit and trying to get a feel for the basic controls, which you didn't allow me to do before this point. Stop beeping at me and telling me there's only 5 minutes left until I have to exit out and reenter just to have time to read more. At least it seems these tutorial missions don't count towards your limit of 30 for the demo.

    Anyways, once I started understanding the controls a little, I (literally) drifted around exploring the map some aback my lender Palamute, found fishing spots, climbed some cliffs and then wirebugged between high points on them, spooked some thicc birds so they laid eggs for me, collected some "account" items, (whatever that means) and slid down into some cave, all of which was pretty fun. I wish there was a manual jump button instead of autojump when running off a cliff or such, but least Palamutes get a jump button, and Wirebug basically lets you launch yourself in instances where you'd need to jump when you're not riding the doggy, so it mostly works out fine. I still don't quite have the hang of running up walls, but maybe it is just confusing because it seems you can't do it really with all walls since some are level boundaries.

    Definitely going to play more soon when I get the chance again. I haven't really even hunted anything yet, and I need to try out a bunch of weapons and see what I like. Maybe this'll finally be my entry point, but it still feels really foreign right now, and I have to mentally triple check what I'm doing before I use an item or such or I'll accidentally use the wrong thing. Just knowing how grindy it gets also makes me fear the time loss if I actually did get way into it as well. Oh, and this isn't new but how you going to have two different kinds of axes but both are also some of the time swords? That's on top of all the other swords. I didn't come here to use swords.

  • How's it run

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    This test is in line with my experience on Switch Lite, the visuals are pretty decent considering the hardware and the higher UI resolution is so nice. It runs smoothly as well.

  • just pre-ordered the Monster Hunter Rise console and Pro Controller. gonna use the gift card i got from work towards the console. i already have a 2nd switch with basic colors that i'm going to trade towards it to get it for a cheaper price

  • I played the demo so much since I posted here last, and I've had some really fun adventures within it. That said, this is a Capcom game, so I'm not going to buy this at launch, knowing six months later I can probably get on on sale for quite a bit off. If that Pro Controller comes to the US, I definitely need a new Pro Controller, so I'll probably bite on that.

    PS: Looks like I'll be maining Switch Axe. Yeah, it is a sword sometimes, but least it is a BIG SWORD sometimes. I just love all the moves you do with it, the way you jump dodge with it, and I love stabbing into and riding monsters before exploding off of them.

    PPS: Hammer is very fun too and probably something I'll switch off to sometimes as well. The wirebug attacks for it are amazing.

  • Monster Hunter Rise is Coming to PC in 2022.

    I'll probably wait for the PC version. I really enjoyed playing Monster Hunter World on PC and I wasn't feeling the Switch demo.

  • Yeah, the randsomware attack already confirmed that. I caved and preordered on Switch though. My PC can't run it, and I'm banking on enough people being too impatient for the PC version and then getting too invested in the Switch one to swap once it comes out, plus might have the staggered content problem World did.

  • Ben's review is out!

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    I just pre-ordered a physical copy yesterday, so excited to get my hands on this.

  • An exercise in perspective:



  • The game is selling very well already.

  • @bam541 that says shipped. not sold.

  • @yoshi said in Monster Hunter Rise (Switch/PC):

    @bam541 that says shipped. not sold.

    The numbers tend to be close for Nintendo products, but we'll know for sure when Nintendo's Q4/full-year financials are released on May 6th.

  • I haven't got too far into the game yet, but I have to say that it's been a blast. Now I truly understand why I couldn't get into MH World, it turns out that Rise is the MH game that I always wanted. This makes me nostalgic of the MH games back on PSP, there's just something about the smaller scale world and the shorter activities here that makes the game feel so inviting and approachable, and the new additions (Wirebugs especially) adds so much to the formula. This game feels like the next step forward in the vein of those older portable MH games. Apparently the game director previously directed the MH Portable series, which makes a lot of sense.

    Also, I'm maining the Light Bowgun for the first time, and it turns out that this game is the best shooter I have for the Switch rn.

  • Remind me to login in July 30. This is cool as heck.

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  • And suddenly I feel like picking up Rise