Next Gen - Things You're Most Excited For?

  • Hey. Just a general open ended discussion. What's one or two things you're most excited for?

    1. Gran Turismo 7

    I think this series has so much potential. Mainly PlayStation has been improving their networking powers steadily since PSN launched on PS3 in 2006. I remember being so eager to play SOCOM Confrontation but it took like a week of broken downloading to even install the game. Once I started playing it, the game was broken on top of PSN just having terrible and unreliable connectivity.

    Skip ahead to the present and most people play Call of Duty, FIFA, and other popular online games on PS4. There isn't much of a noticeable difference between playing on any one console because they all have online play figured out. I think in many regards its truly a dream that you can race lag free against other people online in GT Sport. Think about the minor details that matter in a race. If I'm trailing behind somebody in the slipstream and they break, I am able to react in 1:1 real time and break as to not hit them from behind.

    We're already living in this marvelous future of online gaming but I think I'm most excited for GT7 because they can just keep improving with new processing and graphical capabilities. We already know things like automatic breaking systems will involve haptic feedback on the Dual Sense. I just think if they can continue to create more additions to the Sport Mode to make the racing more true to life, while also feeling high budget and "gamey" unlike other sims, then we have one of the most technical and fun online modes ever.

    On top of that, they are bringing more real life and fictional circuits to the single player mode which I can't wait to dive into. GT Sport was just that - a sports sim. But I'm really excited to see new courses in next gen 4K fidelity.

    1. Snappier UI / Store

    There is no way to even know if this exists yet, but I assume with both consoles having a fancy new SSD, the UI will be vastly improved. Last gen, both PS4 and XBO had pretty chuggy UI's and especially the stores. I remember MS was boasting about the All-In-One entertainment system where you can snap between a thrilling game of Halo 5, then switch to 4th and long on CBS, then back to Dawson's Creek on Netflix, but the snappiness of the UI kinda got bogged down with time and especially when the hard drive filled up. I remember playing Halo with my friend not too long ago on a base Xbox One and it felt like a cheap old toy.

    In 2016 I built a PC with my first SSD and it's hard to even want to slough through the somewhat slow processing of my PS4 in relation to my PC. Just click Epic Games, boot Outer Worlds, play game. Bam. Bam. Bam.

    I know this is a minor thing, but it'll mean a lot to me.

    Just in broad strokes what are you looking forward to? No rules here.

  • During this whole next gen buildup, my hype was very focused on anticipating great press conferences/showcases of games rather than the next gen consoles themselves, so this will be a good thinking exercise for me. The stuff I'm talking about is mostly centered on the PS5, I hope y'all don't mind that. Also, great games will always get me hyped, so I don't need to mention that again.

    I think the thing that I'm most hyped about is trying out all the new fancy gimmicky stuff that the PS5 will have. The haptic feedback and adaptive triggers of the Dualsense seems hype, but the 3D audio is the one I'm most excited about (I think Cerny's presentation on it about using the HRTF and all that stuff is so cool). I know most games outside of their exclusives will not use these features to the fullest (a lot of them won't even use them, I'm sure), but I just can't get enough of fun shit like this. I really had fun with DS4's touchpad in games that really used it well (Tearaway Unfolded and TLOU Part II comes to mind), and I know it's pretty cheesy, but I also love games that use the DS4 speakers to output radio chatter or audio logs in game.

    I'm also excited to see how the SSDs will change games beyond the super fast loading screens. In The Road to PS5 presentation, Cerny said that there are specialized devs who are devoted to help designing levels based on how fast the console can load things, which is pretty eye opening for me (and the Jak 2 example he used made so much sense). I really wonder how devs will decide to use this.

    Since I just owned a 4K TV somewhat recently, I'm also hyped to see actual 4K stuff running on it. I only have a PS4 slim right now so I can't fully take advantage of it just yet. Also, I hope console games have more performance options. I have been seeing a lot of 4K/30, 1080p/60, and even 120fps options on upcoming next gen games, which is awesome. I'm a console pleb through and through, and I don't mind 30 FPS at all so I'll probably play most games with the highest resolution possible, but it's always a good thing to have more choice.

    The last thing is kinda meta: I think the current console landscape is so competitive, with each of the Big Three having their own unique strengths and approaches to things. Microsoft's no longer sleepin', which is awesome. I hope this will lead to more great games and advancements in the gaming world as a whole, no company should be too comfortable in this capitalist world we're living in.

  • I'm not excited about PS5 or Series X until they get here. Sorry if this makes me seem like a wet blanket but I don't see anything that makes me say "wow the next generation has arrived". I can see the launch lineups look really solid but I guess the Nintendo Switch has made me expect more from console launches and that's not including the games but what makes this console different from its predecessor. Frankly with CyberPunk and Spider-Man: Miles Morales coming to PS4, there really isn't a significant reason to get a PS5. With that said Deathloop and Destruction All-Stars look the most pleasing to me.

  • Metroid Prime 4

  • An SSD meaning it won't be as much of a pain in the arse loading and installing games

    And Metroid Prime 4

  • Most exciting for me is knowing that with each gen it becomes easier for smaller developers to realise their ideas.

    But overall I'm not really excited, I want to have the new box, hope it isn't too noisy, try current gen stuff like FH4 and see how it was updated, check some new games. It will be a mild excitement for a couple of days because it's a new toy.

    As someone who for the most part always jumped between consoles and PCs for almost 4 decades it all feels like a continuum.

    But where gaming will go next and how games will surprise me is something that excites me to think about as someone with a passion for gaming. It's just not tied to a new gen.

  • This is something I was just thinking about today. There's a feature on PS4 where when you have Spotify linked, you can turn an album on and it will automatically mute game music but keep the rest of the audio. It's not something I use often because I like soundtracks, but when I'm grinding and have heard a song a million times, or I'm playing Tony Hawk or Burnout and want my own tunes in there, it's nice to turn on an album to focus on but still hear sound effects and voices.

    I love these small quality of life eases. I'm super excited to see different ways next gen has things like this that just put small quality of life improvements that stack up and add up to make a smoother, reliable and convenient experience. Xbox One X has the fast switching between games, for instance, and I remember thinking switching between a game and Netflix was speedy this gen when I first got my PS4. Even the implementation of having a game running in the background when your console is asleep has been a huge convenient time saver. These aren't necessarily things which I can specifically state or quantify that are features I want, but I'm excited to see what they are when they're implemented for next gen.

  • This is slightly unrelated but a couple of days ago I was thinking about this gen. It started with me losing my mother and moving from Portugal to the UK and in January this year moving back to Portugal. Big changes happen in our lives during the period of a gen and got me wondering what changes will happen along with the upcoming gen. That kinda got me depressed.

  • @phbz I can definitely sympathize. It's really easy to sort of attach a generation or a console to a period of your life and look back at it with all of those feelings attached. The games we played with certain people, and the places we had those memories are something that will stick with us just like the games we played on those systems, and I definitely have both good and bad sentiments looking back.

    I just hope that we can all build good memories together with the next set of consoles. I guess it's sort of a 'New Years' mentality, where when something new is on the horizon, it's easy to either be incredibly optimistic or look back with a little bit of cynical depression. We've all been through some tough times lately, so I just hope to try and have positive experiences and try to provide them for those around me with these new games.

    Here's hoping things look up friend. The EZA community definitely is a good place to find comfort and love and respect in uncertainty for times now and to come.

    Apologies for the tangent! Didn't mean to rant.

  • Now I'm officially getting excited to get the new toy. Just 5 days for my XSX!