What if they Rolled D20/D1 - A Tabletop Escapades Fanfic!!

  • Based off a True Story of Friendship and Companionship, Death and Betrayal, Dices and Rolls!
    It Will Contain SPOILERS!

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    What is this game?
    This game is for fans to take part of an episode of Tabletop Escapades, pretend to be the Dungeon Master, and select a moment in the episode where the dice was rolled (or series of rolls) and change it to a Nat 20 or a Nat 1.

    What is a Dungeon Master?
    A Dungeon Master creates the story, the settings, and most importantly, the outcome of a player's roll.

    What is a Nat 20 or Nat 1?
    'Nat' is short for Natural. To roll a Natural 20 means the dice has to show a 20 where a player can get 20 by adding their stats, for example, a roll for strength can have a dice roll of 18 and the character's strength of 2 will make it a 20, but not a Nat 20.

    A Nat roll is special. It represents the extreme cases of best luck or worst luck.
    Nat 20 is like striking gold, rubbing a magic lamp containing the Genie voiced by the late Robin Williams, or finding the Infinity Gauntlet with all Infinity Gems in it. Nat 1, as the opposite, is like striking a nuclear missile, rubbing a magic lamp containing the Genie Jafar, or finding the Infinity Gauntlet while it's being worn by Thanos. When a Nat 20 and Nat 1 occurs, the dungeon master must think of the best or worst outcome, that is so ridiculous and over the top, that even the player didn't see it coming.

    What do I do?

    1. Pick a moment in any episode where the dice was rolled.
    2. Label what attribute the roll is being checked for if any attribute is applied.
    3. Choose Nat 20 or Nat 1 for that roll.
    4. Tell us the outcome of that roll in your post.

    (Side note: This was inspired by the main thread where I thought it would be cool to imagine a different outcome to Law's death.)

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    Moment: Episode 17 - Law is catapulted towards the Troll
    Attribute Check: None (Raw Catapult roll)
    Roll: Nat 20
    Outcome: The heroic Law is flying through the air, shield in one hand, sword in the other, poised to take down the troll and the Nightingale that controls it. Suddenly, Law feels a surge of power. The force of the catapults push, the velocity of the travel, it empowers Law's inner Ki! The horde of orcs look at the flying Dwarf, but they are suddenly BLINDED as the Monk shines brightly from all the Ki he has acquired.

    The Nightingale screams as the ball of light surges in, and in the final moment hears Law scream at the top of his lung:

    In the moment of impact, an explosion occurs where the troll stands... or stood. The explosion of Ki Energy not only killed the troll and its master, it VAPORIZES them and all orcs within a 30 feet radius. The rest of the orc horde stop what they are doing, dropping their weapons, and looking upon the dust brought up by the destructive force of Law. They begin to cry and run towards the exit of the city. The city guards give chase, but soon let up to cheer in victory: "LAW! LAW! LAW! LAW!"

    The dust clears, and the guards could finally make out Law. His hair flowing, electricity crackles around him, the presence of his Ki emanates from his body. The guards continuing cheering, though some are loss at words at the sigh of Law. As Law gains control of his explosive Ki, his hair becomes normal, and the aura dissipates. The Baron comes out from behind a group of guards and goes to Law.

    "Hero of Heavensburg, I have doubted your allegiance, but you have made it clear. You are on the side of humanity! A true enemy of the Nightingale!" The guards cheer, "LAW! LAW! LAW! LAW!" The Baron continues, "Dwarf, name a prize, a reward for your virtuous deeds, and I will do anything in my power to grant it. Will it be coin? An estate in this fine city you saved? Shall we erect a statue in your honor? Please, tell me."

    Law looks Baron in the eyes and humbly says these words: "I just want to talk to you."

  • Moment: Pomper dives off the ship for no reason while wearing full scale armor, tries (successfully) to swim to catch the boat.

    Attribute Check: 3 raw D20's (Pomper is a terrible swimmer)

    Roll: 2/3 failed checks

    Outcome: Pomper dies, or casts "water walk" then dies after a few hours. Huber creates another new character. This will probably happen anyway.

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    Moment: Episode 19 - Pomper convincing the Sailors to work with him
    Attribute Check: Charisma
    Roll: Nat 1
    Outcome: Martin yells out, "We need to get him before he gets us!" A pirate behind Pomper bashes him from behind, but Pomper is not easily taken out due to his thick dragonscale. "I mean you no harm! Don't attack!" says Pomper. A couple more sailors join in the attack. Pomper uses his shield to deflect any damage. "I don't believe that all of you want this. Why don't we put this up to a vote?" says Pomper as he skillfully blocks the attacks. No one answers. "Don't you believe in democracy? In righteousness?" says Pomper. Suddenly, Martin tells the others, "If you're with me, raise your hands."

    Everyone raises their hands.

    Pomper is morally defeated. To be ousted by the men he had just saved. Even though he's being attacked, he could not fight back the men who are just being fearful. Pomper takes out his mace, and the attacking sailors stop and step back. Martin yells, "I told you he was going to kill us!"

    Pomper mutters, "No." The sailors look confused. Pomper continues, "I believe in democracy. If all of you don't trust me and want me gone, so be it. I can tell none of you are murderers, but all of you are afraid, so this is what I will do to ease your fears." Pomper takes the mace and bashes himself in the head. Pomper drops to the floor unconscious after hitting himself with enough for to knock himself out.

    After a while, Pomper wakes up. His equipment is gone, and the sailors are nowhere to be seen. He thinks to himself that at least they weren't killers. He surveys the area and sees the footprints of the sailors heading into the jungle, then, suddenly, he hears a scream. It was a familiar scream coming from the jungle. It sounded exactly like one of the sailors. With his will tempered, he sets off into the Jungle. "I will save them."