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    I was just thinking about this today as I install some horror-themed games for October, but anyone remember that demo for Limbo? It lets you play basically most of the intro level, and then cuts to the 'buy now' option at a freeze frame. That's a cruel but super memorable way to end a demo.


    It got me thinking about my favorite game demos and all the old discs I used to get in magazines and from the likes of Pizza Hut. The Pizza Powered Playstation Giveaway is still one of my favorite demo discs ever. It has that vibe and music of that era that reminds me of skateboarding and cool rebelliousness. I remember getting the demo disc

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    Going beyond that though, when I first got my PS3, I downloaded pretty much any demo I could get my hands on because I was broke at the time. It's something I personally miss with this last gen is how few games had actual demos available to download. When they were available, they were pretty much the size of the entire game so you could just buy an unlock when you were done, which wasn't exactly reasonable when my internet was slow and you wanted to play a game for half an hour and not download 30 gigs. With the aforementioned PS3 demos though, came that glorious Sonic Unleashed demo. I swear, I played the demo more than the actual game when it came out. My buddy and I used to try to beat each other's scores the same way Kyle mentioned in a Final Bosman episode. It was just infinitely replayable

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    What are some demo memories everyone has? I know this was a topic already, but thought I'd re-post it as it hasn't seen any action since 2017.

  • Some of the best demos I ever experienced were free in magazines like OPSM2-where the likes of Freedom Fighters, Stuntman and Toca Race Driver were available to play. These days it's becoming more common for demos to be gated behind pre-order pay walls and that poisons what a demo is meant to be-a free sample of a game before purchase. I imagine publishers don't want to take the risk because they want to make as much money as possible, so most of the demos we get are for games we've probably never heard of before.

  • I think demos for things I haven't heard of are still extremely exciting. When I would get stuff in magazines part of the fun was trying out things I'd never heard of. My buddies would get together on a Friday night and just go through the new discs we got from different magazines for different systems and talk about what we were excited about and what we weren't feeling.

  • Like others given my age game demos from magazines always come to mind when talking demos. The demo for MGS was one a friend of mine and me put an insane amount of time into. Messing with the AI using the box and footprints in the snow was just endlessly fun back then.

    A more recent demo I played way too much of was for Dragons Dogma. The demo had two different sections where you got to play as different character builds. I must have played the section fighting the Griffon 100+ times, the combat was just so freaken fun.

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    So you missed the second demo that was just the first quarter of the game?

  • Don't recall a second demo, did that come out after the game? (I got DD day one) I'd imagine that type of demo would let you use that save data in the actual game, cuz if not I'd think I'd be less interested in replaying that much of the game again and could be why I didn't play that demo. I just honestly don't remember a second demo.

  • The Formula 1 demo on the original PlayStation, played it so much but for some reason never bought the game.

  • I remember playing the demo for MGS Peace Walker a bunch of times when it came out. I can't believe a game of that kind was running so well on my PSP. Not only it feels far better control-wise compared to MGS Portable Ops, it also looks so good. I recently ordered a used PSP Go to replace my Vita, and I kinda want to try this game out again (along with a bunch of other stuff) on it.

    Edit: canceled the PSP order because I got my Vita hack to work again. It was stressful as heck, man.

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    Should be Twisted System, though:

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  • @oscillator I didn't have an xbox but Id play this demo at a buddies house a ton. He even got the full game but we just liked the mini games in the demo so we often would play the demo over the full game.

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    If i remember the first demo came out around a TGS appearance, and the second one popped up like 2 weeks before release.

    I do remember that first demo left a bad impression for me but I can't recall why exactly, but that second demo I played it practically nonstop during all my free time, which led to me being vastly overleveled in the final game, since the last few quest you complete in the demo are around level 15 I think.