Angriest You've Been At A Game

  • Not that I want to bring negative vibes but what games have you played that have made you so angry that you stop playing, throw the controller or made you cry because of how frustrating or difficult the game is? I remember getting upset at WWE Day of Reckoning because of a tutorial I couldn't pass but that was on the leaner side of my upset and frustration. I think Metal Gear: Rising Revengeance's final boss had me really cranky but cannot recall the extent of my frustration with it.

  • I think when I was younger I used to get angry a lot. Back on PS1, my buddies and I were completely irate at Pepsi Man, though I remember the game fondly now. As I've gotten older, I think my anger has more become apathy where when I'm frustrated, I more feel like 'I don't have time for this'. That's where I'm at when Souls kicks my butt and makes me walk five minutes to fight a hard boss. But in recent memory I remember getting extremely and vocally upset with Dragon Age Inquisition. I think I ended up in an area I wasn't supposed to be in yet, and everyone was extremely high level and was killing me in one hit. It made me feel like I'd wasted so much time and was stuck in this area I hated in a game I wasn't enjoying in the first place. I definitely had some good curse shouts at my television.

  • Father Gascoigne in Bloodborne and Seymour Flux in Final Fantasy X.
    I watched that cutscene leading into the Seymour battle so many times cause you couldn't skip them. And this was on the remastered version too.

  • My roommate often tells the tale of one morning waking up and hearing me cursing up a storm. When he went to see what was going on he noticed I was in the bathroom. He called out to make sure I was doing okay, I was. I had just spent the last 15 mins getting my assed kicked by M.Bision in Street Fighter Alpha 3 on my Vita. Bision in Alpha 3 is no joke.

  • Some fighting game on the N64, it sorta played like Street Fighter, but there was this counter throw system in it, but each successive throw counter would make the damage from the eventual throw do 2x damage, however you could keep countering the throw which caused the damage to scale to 1 hit KO levels.
    The final boss of that game would counter every throw, on top of doing absurd damage by default.

  • @dmcmaster Can't you remember which fighting game it was?

  • @jdincinerator
    Maybe if looked at some bogart. But I do remember a cow was a selectable character.

  • Vivid memories from my childhood of ripping Bravo's and Butthead out of my Genesis and whipping it against the wall - power still on. Fortunately nothing broke particularly since it was a rented game.

  • @dmcmaster Was it Fighters Destiny?

  • Crash Bandicoot 1 as a whole is pretty bonkers, but the goddamn bridge levels are something else, man.

  • @jdincinerator
    Maybe, sounds familiar

  • Uncharted 4, as a whole just pissed me off. To the point of exasperation, with me screaming at the screen in disapproval during some sections. I finished it and went straight to a Game store to sell it. I know many love it but I kinda despise it.

  • @phbz What difficulty did you play Uncharted 4 on and is that part of the reason to despise it?

  • @jdincinerator Just normal difficulty.

    The list is long but right at the top of my mind the long, repetitive, pointless climbing sections. Then how heavily scripted it is, there was a point where you have an RPG and have to blow up an heavy vehicle. I shot it numerous times nothing happed then I literally walk 3 steps and trigger a "look an heavy vehicle!" a then the game allows me to destroy it. And that terrible final boss battle which incredibly can be even worse than a previous boss battle. The obnoxious ludonarrative dissonance accentuated by all the corny melodrama.

    I can't even remember everything but there's a mountain of stuff. There's good stuff too just not enough to balance the bad. And gets particularly annoying exactly because there's a lot of it that is top tier.

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    I used to get upset at games when I was a teen. swearing and shouting at the screen, but when I saw my friend toss the controller across the room so it broke and punch the wall, I remember how uncomfortable it made me and I vowed to myself to never get that angry at a game, ever! sure I still curse at times when I die to silly stuff or feel unfairly killed etc. But its like a short "arrgh!" then a deep breath and move on.

  • @lotias Similarly, I remember watching my brother get annoyingly frustrated with MVP baseball when I was younger and vowing never to act like that with a game. Every time I've been mad playing games has been because my friends and I were actively trolling each other in Mario Kart to get a rise out of each other, and even then we were more "mad" at each other (not the game). Generally speaking, it take a lot for me to get truly angry at something, and games are pretty far down on my "this is worth my anger and my energy" list.

    Then again, I've never played a Souls game, so who knows.

  • @phbz I've platinumed the first 3 games but the mansion on crushing in 4 broke me. Many moments of rage there were.

  • Other than the entirety of Far Cry 2?

    Pretty much this part of God of War III. I think its this part. I just remember this small confined area and some mini-bosses and on the hardest difficulty, you pretty much can't take more than a few hits. I don't let games get me too frustrated, but I whipped my controller at the couch. This took me HOURS.

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