Best Thing About A Game You Don't Like

  • What thing about a videogame you don't like makes you almost like it? I don't know whether I like Death Stranding or not-but I do know Bebe's Theme is the best thing about it. I guess Hank from Detroit: Become Human almost makes me forgive how terrible the game's storytelling and characters are.

  • I've tried every Dark Souls game, and I just really love the art and world those games have. Same goes for pretty much every From game in fact, I'd just sit and look at the buildings and landscapes for the games for ages. I love exploring and seeing those worlds and how they look and connect in broad strokes. I just don't like playing them. They're too hard for me with the combat and obtuse items, and that difficulty becomes tedious more than engaging for me.

  • @happygaming I completely agree with your stance on Dark Souls.

  • I really like the style and vibes of Jet Set Radio, specifically the art style and the music. That game just does not control very well at all.

  • Destiny - Bungie is one of the best when it comes to making FPS games with great controls.

    God of War 3 - Some of the best looking boss battles I've ever seen.

    Fallout 76 - I'd like to see some of Fallout 76's interesting looking creatures in a real Fallout game.

  • At least i always have the option not to play GTA

  • "Don't Like" is a strong word but I "don't like" GTA V beyond the 50-60 hours I played (and enjoyed) back in first year of university in 2013.

    1. It's still the ultimate pass the controller game. Every death, every other death. Possibilities are endless.

    2. GTA V still has some top tier satire within the gameplay. They went maybe a bit overboard this game, but I love how when you drive there are billboards like this:

    alt text

    alt text

    • Short Career
    • Long Retirement
    • Full Pension
    • Free Gun

    alt text

    alt text

    Some of the jokes within the world of this game are so good. Nothing will beat the right wing talk radio in GTA IV, but GTA V still has so much of these jokes that point out the absurdity of American (and Word) culture.

  • There are a lot of games that sounded like an interesting concept but ended up disappointing me. Contact on DS. Neat looking, good music and a fun quirk but boring Boeing BORING gameplay.

  • @bam541 said in Best Thing About A Game You Don't Like:

    I really like the style and vibes of Jet Set Radio, specifically the art style and the music. That game just does not control very well at all.

    Even Future doesn't control well??

  • Recently tried Disgaea 5 when we could play it for free for 6 days if we had Nintendo Switch Online, and I just could not get into it at all. The humor felt so sooooooooo stupid. The combat is combo centric, which I just dislike in general due to long setup and planning time, and then there's just chances of combos triggering at all instead of always happening even if you setup right, but in particular the overpowered and cumbersome stacking mechanic completely ruined it for me. The characters felt painfully stereotypical, but to be fair I didn't make it far enough to give them time to grow. Having to pay to heal your units after battles sucks!!! There's a quest system, but even after completing them, they'll just respawn later on the board again, so there's no sense of completion. There's a ton of things like passive skills that are super underexplained, so you have to Google them if you want to actually get what they even do. Everything is so small on the screen, and in battles you need to rotate the screen often to get a semiclear view when units get jumbled into groups, even at closest view distance.

    But there's this system where there's like pixies living inside stuff that grants the items little bonuses, and you can remove them from the items to stick them into other items and even fuse similar types together later to make stronger ones because items have limited slots to stick them in. You can always move these around without any cost or limitation and even have a bank vault to fill with them to keep moving them around extra easy and nice. Even cooler, they can live in anything, even like consumable healing items you find, so you can yank them out before you use up that item to save for something with a future. There was also this quest where you would choose three ingredients to be cooked, and the reward was like a garbage item I think you tossed at enemies in battle, but the garbage item you got would always have some spirits inside you could pluck for your other stuff. Just thought that system and idea was really cool. Even junk items you ended up with could have useful spirits inside to pluck out before you sold the item off or whatever. Made everything feel more personal, individual, and real too.

  • @sheria lol I haven't played Future yet, so I cannot say anything other than that game also has great art style and music, at least from the stuff I have seen.

  • @bam541 Future controls much better than the original, still not perfect, but way better.

  • @mbun Nice, I would've been surprised if that's not the case.

  • Xenoblade Chronicles is a very engaging game that really made me interested about the story it was presenting, but I couldn't handle anymore of it's gameplay at one point, also fantastic musci, XC2 also had great music but that's it.

  • @bard91 I too feel the gameplay of Xenoblade Chronicles is a turn-off. Sucks because Xenoblade looks absolutely stunning.

  • @bard91 said in Best Thing About A Game You Don't Like:

    Xenoblade Chronicles is a very engaging game that really made me interested about the story it was presenting, but I couldn't handle anymore of it's gameplay at one point,

    @jdincinerator said in Best Thing About A Game You Don't Like:

    I too feel the gameplay of Xenoblade Chronicles is a turn-off.

    people always say this about Xenoblade but why? i find that most people who say this haven't even played much of the game for very long.

    Xenoblade's gameplay is about exploring the large environments to complete quests.
    The combat is slow, but it's meant to be. the combat is all about knowing when to use different arts in different situations and linking them all together to build up massive combo's against enemies.
    the visions mechanic also furthers the strategic element by forcing players to learn for themselves which is the best art to use to stop a bad situation from happening. should i Monado shield and protect myself? should i use speed to dodge the enemy attack? should i give myself a buff? should i inflict a debuff on the enemy? or should i just be like "nope fuck you" and do an attack for massive damage to kill the enemy or move their attention away from another struggling party member to prevent them from dying? etc etc etc...

  • @yoshi I think people's expectations are that Xenoblade Chronicles will be like other JRPGs and the gameplay will be similar to them. I think the slowness of the combat puts gamers off too-I'm totally ok with slow combat but I'm always concerned whether I'm dealing damage and I don't know how to play the game properly-so I move on because learning the systems is too time consuming and I don't want to exhaust myself playing a game I can't get to grips with. This of course is my flaw not the game's but I think I and others want more immediacy and less complexity. I'm always up for giving Xenoblade another crack but I don't know if I'll get my head around the combat.

  • Banned

    I find Xenoblade similar to the Witcher in that it excels in so many areas, but the combat is absolutely horrid. I absolutely adore both games, but the combat mechanics the games are not at all one of the notable features of either.

    I guess I'll use that as mine.

  • @jdincinerator there are heaps of Arts that do different things. there are physical arts like Reyn's Sword Drive which is a single hit of Massive damage, there's defense arts like Monado Shield which is pretty self explanatory, there are auras which give the player buffs like damage multipliers and the increase of agility on Dunban which lets him easily dodge attacks there's healing moves like Sharlas heal bullets and there's status inflicting ether type moves like Heropon Riki's freezinate which inflicts damage over time.
    then you've got your basic combo type moves which inflict break then topple then daze.
    Break creates an opening in the enemies defense. topple knocks them over, and daze essentially makes then stay down for a few seconds before getting back up.

    in the menu you spend what are called AP points to improve a moves power. move levels you ranked up a move, the more powerful it will hit, the more it will heal you, the longer your buff will last and the more damage and longer a status will last.

    there's no "right" way to play Xenoblade as such, you've just got find which arts and characters fit your playstyle and level up your arts and character skills accordingly.

    gamers are just too impatient i find. if you know what you're doing you can topple an enemy to the ground, daze them, and then inflict a chain attack to inflict massive damage and keep them down. you can do it to point that by the time your chain attack has finished you've filled up your talent gauge and start a whole new chain attack to inflict even more damage before then enemy even has a chance to get back up in the first place.

  • I really like Xenoblade's combat, but it is fine that others don't as much. I hear people say they like FFXV's combat, and I don't get that at all.