This Game Called Hades

  • Apparently this roguelike called Hades is all the rage. Apparently this roguelike called Hades is developed by Bastion/Transistor/Pyre developers Supergiant Games. Please tell me why you guys love it.

  • @jdincinerator said:

    is developed by Bastion/Transistor/Pyre developers Supergiant Games.

    They only make great games.

  • @mbun Shame Pyre didn't get the attention or recognition that Transistor or Bastion did though-I think Pyre is their most interesting game.

  • This really doesn't look like my type of game, and I've liked not loved Supergiant games before, but the praise it is getting makes me very curious,

  • @jdincinerator People wrote Pyre off because it looked like a Sports game and some people have a chip against those.

    Even I skipped it. Whoops.

  • @JDINCINERATOR @bard91 I think the reason why it seems "all the rage" right now (and not just a good game getting its praises) is because of the cast of side characters.

  • The way people on my Twitter feed are talking about this game, it kinda reminds me of when Outer Wilds got big and many people were just sharing short clips of weird shit that they found (it's not really like that this time, but I do feel a similar amount of hype). Also, I follow some illustrators/artists, and they couldn't get over how great the character designs are (and I agree, it looks sick). As a roguelike fan, it's been a great short period for the genre (this, Going Under and Spelunky 2), and I haven't got to chance to try them, so seeing all this hype definitely got my FOMO jacked up a bit.

  • Been playing Hades and it's tough as nails but I've just been playing for a handful of hours today and although I constantly died I never got angry towards the game- I guess the art style and how awesome the combat made me more relaxed than anything.

  • On my 19th run, I beat the boss of Elysium for the first time, and proceeded to go all the way to the final boss, and died as they had only a sliver of HP left, huge bummer!

    I had a weird build with the shield, a lot of dash- and hangover-related boons, I had weak damage output but somehow just by running circles around enemies I could outlast anything. Never expected to go that far at the start of that run, funny how that works.

    Anyway I'm still enjoying it a lot, didn't even get mad when I died, I'll beat it eventually!

    Btw we had another Hades thread before, maybe the mods could merge the two?

  • Run 23 was the one, I made it!

    Weirdly, I used the gun, which I only used once or twice before and never got past the Hydra with, and made it all the way this time, never would have expected it. I'll probably keep playing the game on and off, there's obviously still a LOT to do and unlock.

    Love this game, it's a masterpiece of game design.