Detox Games

  • I've been playing a lot of horror games this month, and as I've been trying to do more reviews, it's become a extremely necessity to have games I'm playing just for me, not for what I would consider a professional endeavor. However, filling the month of October with spooky games only gives you so many options for things to play, and sometimes you just need a good detox.

    This afternoon I spent an hour playing Kirby's Adventure on the Switch NES app, and it felt absolutely refreshing to pick up something easy and simple and fun. I've always loved Kirby, and sucking dudes up and going through simple levels just put a smile on my face in the way a lot of retro games only can.

    What are some games that everyone else plays to detox after a big invested release? Do you have games that help you de-stress and just help give you some positive vibes?