Forgotten Games

  • There are underappreciated games, there are underrated games-but what games do you think time has completely forgotten about? How about those Maximo games on PS2, Viking Battle For Asgard, Splashdown and Splashdown 2: Rides Gone Wild. Some games just seem to vanish from being talked about at all and I'd like to know games you think have been totally eradicated by time.

  • Gex: Enter The Gecko

  • The Pursuit Force games on PSP.
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  • How can anyone forget Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson's magnum opus Blood on the Sand.

    Probably one of the absolutely dumbest things I've ever played, but it gave me this big dum smile during the whole thing.

    Also fairly recent game but I feel like Ghost of a Tale was talked about more in early access or in previews only for it to go completely silent on release.

  • @dmcmaster

    Despite absolutely hating the gameplay in all of these games, I’ve completed 50 Cent: Bulletproof, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, and Marc Ecko’s “Getting Up” like 3 times each with 2017 being my most recent Blood on the Sand playthrough.

    I NEED Naughty Dog to take the reigns on a 50 Cent game.

  • @dmcmaster Blood on the Sand was pretty good, can't say the same about Bulletproof though.

  • Pepsi Man

    Youtube Video

    My buddy and I, having never heard of the commercials with the character, were just baffled by the strangeness of this game. We played it all the way through, and it's worth it just for the weird 'story' segments and cutscenes with a guy drinking Pepsi.

  • I was going to say no game is forgotten, because there are people who specifically focus on lesser known games. Some of these, like Pepsi Man posted above, have even gained a large following through things like being featured during Games Done Quick. So, I thought a little more about if there truly are video games that people would have reason to actually wholesale forget about, and the answer I came to is discontinued games nobody is able to access anymore, due to the design of the games requiring more than people can reasonably emulate, host, etc. to access and carry on their legacy. Even among these, some might be remembered for the good times they offered when they were functioning, but then if you add an additional modifier of a game that was wholly unsuccessful when it was around, as well as another for one that was mainly just copying ideas from other popular games so there's nothing to even really learn from its past existence, only then can we reach levels of truly forgettable games. But even then, over time people will still cling to something once it becomes old enough to be considered retro, so the game has to be existing in a flux pocket of not that old but old enough that everyone has already moved on from the memory of it. So, taking all that into account, the game I've chosen to submit as a forgotten game is none other than Radical Heights.
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  • Haunting Starring Poulterguy on Genesis/Megadrive.