EZA Fantasy Football (NFL) 2016: Final Update! That's a Wrap! (Dec. 30)

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    Seattle, WA (AP) - When asked if they regret running up the score in the post-game press conference, GM Slim laughed maniacally and twirled his mustache impressively. "No. No way! You let your foot off the gas and that's how people end up getting hurt or you lose to a team you were supposed to beat because you didn't take them seriously." He said, his arms extended in front of him, fingers splayed - casting a Nosferatu-like shadow on the wall behind the podium. "Anyone that plays us is going to get our best shot, that's how I expect this thing to run." He then pressed a hidden button on the interview podium, dropping a large net over the gathered journalists, causing chaos, confusion, and panic to break out among the assembled scriveners. He then cackled insanely as he dashed away to a waiting black muscle car with illegally dark tinted windows, which peeled out obnoxiously as he made a totally unnecessary getaway.

  • My bench also scored 70 points.

  • @TokyoSlim I knew our league needed a villain, but I honestly expected Bosman to fill that role.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I'm just as shocked as you are. In this day and age, a respectable newspaper like the City Examiner publishing that sensationalist tripe!

    I was nowhere near a football game this weekend. I was... on an Island Vacation! Yeah, that's it.

  • @TokyoSlim That is a giant score man, dear lord.

  • @TheHashtag0nist It was a pretty good week. I think we can do better though. This was like 98% effort, but everyone knows It's all about giving 110%.

  • Week 2 Update! (also in OP)

    Love and Respect, everyone! Week 1 has come and gone and there were some great games of Football on Sunday! And Let's not forget about those high stakes fantasy matchups! Some of you took your first step towards a championship! Others, however, know the bitter taste of defeat. But there are still 12 more weeks until the playoffs. 12 more weeks to build your dream team, to right your wrongs, or to pull away from the pack! Fantasy is won and lost on the waiver, and there's plenty of time to set up some back door shady trades. So try not to get to disappointed in your team's week 1 performance, and if all else fails just remember that you couldn't have done as bad as me!

    So for those of you following along let's update you on Week 1's happenings.

    • The Wilder Things showed no mercy to the Boston Accents with in a 88.5 to 58.7 victory
    • Some Kind of Super Team lived up to it's name and defeated the Waifu Warriors 101.9 to 83
    • The Interbay City Rollers rolled on to an easy victory over Team Must Be Nice with a score of 155.5 to 89.4, making them the highest scoring team of the week. Must be nice...
    • Team 7.8 unexpectedly disappointed us by only scoring 7(5).8 points against a Transylvania Werehogs team that put up 108.2
    • The Original Snitches won a close one against Persona 5 GOTY EVERY EYAR by a score of 98.6 to 91
    • The Rufus Rhinos played a sweet sax solo all the way to an easy victory over the Ottawa Hashcats with a final score of 142.5 to 96.8

    Leaving us with the current standings

    alt text

    Those of you who are following along at home but are not in the league will be happy to know that the league is now viable to the public, so you no longer have to rely on my weekly updates! But I will still be posting a weekly update every Wednesday during the season!

    Here are you week 2 matches!
    lineups are subject to change before kickoff

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

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    alt text

    Good luck everyone!

  • This week's trash talk brought to you by:

    SCORN! Not the game full of odd forms and somber tapestries, but actual scorn.


    the feeling or belief that someone or something is worthless or despicable; contempt.
    "I do not wish to become the object of scorn"
    synonyms: contempt, derision, contemptuousness, disdain, derisiveness, mockery, sneering
    "he was unable to hide the scorn in his voice"


    feel or express contempt or derision for.
    "I was routinely ridiculed and scorned by conservatives and liberals alike"
    synonyms: deride, hold in contempt, treat with contempt, pour/heap scorn on, look down on, look down one's nose at, disdain, curl one's lip at, mock, scoff at, sneer at, jeer at, laugh at, laugh out of court.

  • Global Moderator

    I can feel a win this week. Have my home citys QB and Defense I expect to have some home field advantage.

  • @TokyoSlim Bring it on!

  • Even if I lose, I'll consider it a personal victory if my first round pick decides to get more than 8 yards this game. Lowest projected points this week, I'll gladly hold the underdog mantle.

  • @The_Original_Snitch

    Snitches get stitches!
    alt text

  • The Best of the Losers (ME) is playing the Worst of the Winners (Kyle)


    Also, people be eyeballing my OBJR erryday

  • @TheHashtag0nist I take it he's not for sale then? ;)

  • @Alex840 I put all my eggs in his basket. He's going to go off this weekend. I just know it!

  • @TheHashtag0nist

    That just means he'll be cheaper next week after he disappoints you. :p

  • Matt forte is having a night!

  • @TheOhrenberger The Bills defense has been your best player. Forte was shredding them last night.

  • Bosman Bowl for me today!

  • Well then...14 points out of Brees, Ingram and Beckham isn't THAT bad!


    RIP WEEK 2