EZA Fantasy Football (NFL) 2016: Final Update! That's a Wrap! (Dec. 30)

  • @TokyoSlim Tempting... but maybe the Texans will have a real defense on Monday?

    Probably not though.

  • I had to drop my phone while checking my fantasy stats because my team is TOO HOT!

  • @TheOhrenberger Do you have a Galaxy Note 7? You should probably return it before it explodes.

  • I just need Amari Cooper to catch an 8 yard pass for me and that'll be a win. If for some ill fated reason, this doesn't happen, I'm joining @TheHashtag0nist in flipping over tables.

  • Oooff! Rufus needs a new battery or at least a good rest. Losing AJ Green really took the wind out of his sax this week!

  • Looks like I won't be flipping any tables this week.

  • Thanks David Carr!

  • In the Playoffs:
    The Rufus Rhinos (8-3)
    The Original Snitches (8-3)
    Some kind of Super Squad (8-3)

    In the hunt:
    Interbay City Rollers (6-5)
    The Waifu Warriors (6-5)
    Transylvania Werehogs (6-5)
    Boston Accents (5-6)
    Ottawa Hashcats (5-6)
    Team 7.8 (5-6)
    Wilder Things (4-7)

    Team Must Be Nice
    Persona 5 GOTY EVERY YEAR

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    Yeah my season is over damn

  • So this may be a dumb question, but this is my first year of fantasy and I've noticed there's a loser's bracket for the playoffs. Is there any chance of someone rising up from this bracket and winning everything, or is it just to determine the best of the worst?

  • Much like in the ancient Mayan precursor to basketball, the losers bracket determines which team ends up being the human sacrifice.

    Fantasy football is serious business.

    Losers bracket is just so everyone else has something to do during championship week. Also, in the case of leagues that you're in year after year, you can be battling for draft spots.

  • Ah, kinda what I figured. Which leads to my next point... are we doing this again next year? I've had a blast and besides the one team that stopped playing weeks ago, I'll say there's been intense match-ups, week after week.

  • @SabotageTheTruth

    alt text

    After the great success of Season 1 I can confirm that there are plans for EZA Fantasy Football Season 2!

    In all seriousness this league has gone far better than I could have imagined (so far). I intend on doing this again next season so long as there is interest come next August. I'll probably boot everyone out of the league some time during the offseason and I'll make a new thread for season 2 sign ups right around when the 2017 preseason begins. I'll probably keep Kyle in the league by default since there's a lot of people who wanted to sign up after he mentioned he was playing with us (assuming he still wants to play next season), so that means that there will be 10 other spots open for the taking.

    And since there was so much demand after Kyle gave us that shout out I have a much better plan for an overflow league next year. We tried to get one going this year but it didn't work out, so next season along side our traditional ESPN season long league I'll create a second league on one of the daily fantasy sites (probably fanduel) where we can have as many people as we want join in on the fun. Daily Fantasy is a little different too so it should be interesting even to those who are in the standard league! And of course it will be a free to play league so you don't have to worry about gambling real money. The only thing on the line is your honor and your werehogs.

    But I'll work out the details when we get closer to next season. The important bit here is that we will have a season 2 of EZA Fantasy Football so long as there are enough people to play!

  • I'm not worried about next year yet. I'm just gonna take it one game at a time and give it 110% because there's no "I" in team.

  • @TokyoSlim

    "Mr Slim, what are your thoughts on the confirmation of EZA Fantasy Football season 2?"
    "We're on to Team Must Be Nice. They're a good organization. Play well in all three phases of the game"
    "You're not at least thinking towards the future, planning your next moves for the upcom......"
    "We're on to Team Must Be Nice"

    alt text

  • @TheOhrenberger Make sure anyone who's played this year gets first refusal on playing in 'League 1' next year.

  • @TheOhrenberger Again, thanks for organizing this man.
    The funnest frustration of the year

  • @TheOhrenberger Bill Belichick is who I've modeled my very lifelike human facial expression algorithm from.

    Here's a picture of him smiling, for reference.
    alt text

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    Count me in for next years season.

  • Yep, I'm definitely in for next year as well. After all, the league champion should have a chance to dominate again in season 2.

    I might be slightly delirious from lack of sleep.