EZA Fantasy Football (NFL) 2016: Final Update! That's a Wrap! (Dec. 30)

  • Glad Brees kept these points for in the losers bracket!

  • So I've made it to the finals! I'll be squaring off with Trevor McNeil's aptly named team, Some Kind of Super Squad. It should be a good match for those keeping track.

    @TheOhrenberger, thank you so much for organizing the league and posting those awesome updates. If you're doing this next season, I'd love to be a part of it again!

    I hope everyone has a jolly holiday season!

    Good luck, Trevor!

  • Nothing I can do, but post a picture of a giant poop emoji pillow and a girl wearing ridiculous shoes with confusing body language cues.

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  • Round 3 update!

    Love & Respect, allies!

    Sorry for no update last week. But here we are. The final week of the playoffs. And only two teams remain


    Of course the two hottest teams made the final round. Some Kind of Super Squad looked unstoppable to begin the season, but it was The Orignal Snitches who finished the season with the higher seed. Who will win out in this final match? Place your bets now!

    And that's really it. No recap. Those teams are dead and gone with the other forgotten teams. And the above match up is the only one that matters this week. So good luck to you two!

  • I would be squaring off against Kyle for the last week. Death rattle battle for the ages.

  • I'm KILLING it in the losers bracket

  • T.Snitch well done on a good championship match. This one is going down to the final game.

  • That was great fun guys!
    Hope to be part of it again next year!

    I think the Yahoo app has a little more flavor than the ESPN one though with Trophies and post game analysis. Maybe something to consider next year

    Thanks for playing!

  • Congrats @The_Original_Snitch! You even won with Kaepernick, I guess he just didn't want to play when he was on my team.

  • Final Update:

    Love & Respect, allies!

    First off I'd like to thank you all for participating in the first EZA Fantasy Football league! It's been a blast! I never expected this first year to go so well! We had a full 12 team league and almost everyone stayed active the whole season. I'd call that a success.

    I'd also like to congratulate The Original Snitches for becoming the first EZA League Champion! Like all champions, you and your team will be recorded and remembered in the hall of fame.

    Congrats as well to Some Kind of Super Squad and all of the other playoff teams. You gave it your best and that was the best you could do. The Fantasy Football gods can be cruel.

    With all that said I leave you with the final standings of 2016's EZA Fantasy Football League:

    I hope you all sign up again next year!

  • Everyone else is sitting on a line break, but I'm sitting on top of a Hashcat.

  • @TheOhrenberger What were the final standings based off of? Seeing a 3-10 record above me is a bit confusing... although seeing Bosman at the bottom is almost worth it.

  • @SabotageTheTruth looks like it's based on pre-playoffs

  • @TokyoSlim Worth it

  • @TheHashtag0nist I was 7th pre-playoffs though. Only team in the loser's bracket with a winning record, paying tribute to those werehogs.

  • @SabotageTheTruth There is a consolation bracket for those teams that did not make the playoffs. That consolation bracket counts for the final standings.

  • @TheOhrenberger I believe I was 7-6 going into the consolation bracket, lost two of those, won one. Just not sure how the 3-10 teams rank higher even if they won every single consolation match.

    I mean, it doesn't honestly matter but just like Rodney Dangerfield, I feel like I get no respect. I also make really bad jokes, like him.

  • consolation bracket is a bracket, so aggregate w/l doesn't actually matter. It's only for seeding. You ended up ranked lower than Must Be Nice, because you lost in the second round and they lost in the third.

  • @TokyoSlim Thanks! I honestly felt like I was going insane but now it all makes sense.

  • By miracles of math, I made the playoffs and actually won a game. I'll call that a successful season! It's been a blast playing fantasy football with the allies. I really hope we do this again next year!