EZA Fantasy Football (NFL) 2016: Final Update! That's a Wrap! (Dec. 30)

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    How are we deciding draft order?

    ESPN will probably spit out a random order. We'll just use that. Unless it spits out the order we joined. If that's the case I'll find a way to randomize it.

    Also for those who aren't aware or haven't played before, fantasy football uses a snake draft style. So while the 1st round will go 1-12, the second round will go 12-1, and then round 3 goes 1-12, round 4 goes 12-1, and so on and so on. This is done to even things out so no single draft position is better than another. So don't stress too much if you get the 12th pick!

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    @TheOhrenberger No worries! If someone drops let me know! sorry for getting in so late! the forums are so active it's hard to keep up all the time lol!

  • My usual fantasy group fell apart this year, so I'd love to join this group. Is there still room? Could the draft be the weekend right before the kickoff game, so the 3rd or 4th? The rosters will be settled by then and it will be easier to draft.

  • Hey, I know you said your league is filled up, but what about starting a 2nd league for those of us who were late? I just joined the Allies here, on Twitch, and on Patreon, so I obviously didn't see this thread. Also, I started playing fantasy football 3 years ago and have won the championship twice in both leagues I was in. This year I'm only in one league but I'd love the chance to do battle with my fellow Allies. I seem to recall Kyle bragging a while back about how good he was and I always wondered how I'd fare against him. No hard feelings if this is not possible. I'll just have to obsess over a single draft and line-up in a solitary, lonely, and very uneasy feeling league filled with people uninterested in the amazingly talented and enormously inspiring Easy Allies. I guess dreams really do vanish when we open our eyes. sniffle, sniffle

  • @TheOhrenberger ESPN has an option in the LM Tools bar to edit the draft order and when you click it, if you scroll down, there's an option to randomize it right there and then. However, I found that I had to hit it 3 times before it actually mixed up the order in a noticable way. Good luck everybody and draft well! =)

  • @CensorErik that's not a bad idea. If there is enough overflow I'll start a second league. We will again need a minimum of 8. I'll try to figure out the logistics of it later today.

  • Draft time for me is anytime. But to note I am eastern time and would not like anything extreme late

  • Damn i wish i had hopped on here sooner would have been so down. best of luck to you all tho

  • @HikarW There's always next year

  • @TheOhrenberger theres 5 extra now so we need 3 more people to join and there'll be enough for an 8 team league...

    1. @SilentConsonant
    2. @FatalFrosti
    3. @Lucied
    4. @CensorErik
    5. @HikarW
    6. @DoctorForrester
    7. @Talkin_Tasty

  • @Alex840 If we only get one more, two teams from the first league could switch to this one and we could play with a 10 and an 8 team league.

  • If there is a second league i would like to join.

  • As for time of draft I would be fine with 5PST on Sunday as well. Really anytime this weekend would be great.

  • Also sorry for the late reply, I was checking the group chat for updates. Now that I know this is the official discussion I should be good to go.

    Also, just a word of advice. If the second league does fill up, it would behoove you guys to maybe start your own discussion once the season starts, so it's easy for both groups to find messages relevant to them! Gotta know who you can trade with!

    Good luck everybody!

  • So it looks like League 1 (OG League represent!) is pretty much a-go for the draft to be tomorrow at 5 PM PST then?

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    So it looks like League 1 (OG League represent!) is pretty much a-go for the draft to be tomorrow at 5 PM PST then?

    Anyone heard from Bosman yet?

  • @TokyoSlim I've messaged him on Twitter

  • He's said he'd prefer next weekend, but can do tomorrow if needs be.

    Personally I don't mind, but I think tomorrow is best as a whole, as it's hard for everyone to nail down another date/time.

    What do peeople think?

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    I am fine when ever, just let me know.

  • I say we should just pull the trigger on tomorrow at 5 PM PST then, as we've had no real objections to the time/date. It's a little inconvenient for a few of us but I honestly don't think we're going to be able to pin down a time that is perfect for everyone, we've all got busy lives.

    As the owner and coach of the Transylvania Werehogs, let me just say how excited I am to be learning the ropes for fantasy football with you all and eventually leading my team to overall domination.