EZA Fantasy Football (NFL) 2016: Final Update! That's a Wrap! (Dec. 30)

  • @TokyoSlim I've messaged him on Twitter

  • He's said he'd prefer next weekend, but can do tomorrow if needs be.

    Personally I don't mind, but I think tomorrow is best as a whole, as it's hard for everyone to nail down another date/time.

    What do peeople think?

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    I am fine when ever, just let me know.

  • I say we should just pull the trigger on tomorrow at 5 PM PST then, as we've had no real objections to the time/date. It's a little inconvenient for a few of us but I honestly don't think we're going to be able to pin down a time that is perfect for everyone, we've all got busy lives.

    As the owner and coach of the Transylvania Werehogs, let me just say how excited I am to be learning the ropes for fantasy football with you all and eventually leading my team to overall domination.

  • Lets do it. Lets go 'Rollers, lets go!

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  • I'm good with 5 PM PST as well.

  • Same, 5PM PST it is. See you at the draft guys!

  • Time works for me see you guys then

  • So tomorrow at 5 Pacific Time then?

    Do we just have to log into the fantasy site at that time, or is there something else to it?

  • If the commissioner sets it up right, the league homepage will have a red bar that says "Draft Room Open"
    Click on "Launch Draft" and you'll be taken to the draft room.

    I'm in one right now for my other league. :)

  • Tomorrow at 5pm PST / 8pm EST it is then! I'll set it up later tonight and I will make sure the draft order is all set and ready to go

  • Here is the draft order 1-12! Remember it is a snake draft so each round will alternate 1-12 to 12-1. The draft has been set for 8pm EST / 5pm PST tomorrow (Sunday Aug. 28). It's actually set for 8:15EST/5:15PST (your regional equivalent) to account for people showing up a little late, but pleas be there before that time so you aren't auto drafted in the first round (may the fantasy football gods have mercy on you if you are)!

    alt text

  • I'm drafting first? I must have been total trash last year!

    I'll take it though.

  • @Alex840 Hey I suggest we wait till Sunday, September 4th to see if we get enough people interested to make the 2nd league. It'd be a better time to draft teams as well since players get hurt, cut, traded, and in some instances, arrested. Tony Romo, for example, just got hurt again the other day.

    I'm hopeful we can get another league up and running so I can compete with my fellow Allies, but if that doesn't happen, I suppose I'll just have to get over it by going undefeated in my Facebook league.

    I'm super excited to officially be a part of this amazing community!

    Though I love all he does for us, Bosman gets bounced in the second playoff game. Book it. :p

  • My name might be Team 7.8, but my draft will be a 10

  • @CensorErik I was talking about the first league. The second league will obviously have to wait until next week as it currently have enough players.

  • Ah, just like the old saying goes... 10th to draft, first to win.

    Goodbye Antonio Brown. Now I've got confusing emotions. I want to cheer you on so the Steelers win, but I also don't want you to shred me with points. I've got a lot to think about.

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    Well at least I get to pick 2nd during round 2. These are the breaks the first round is going to be brutal.

  • Following @flower_arrangement's suggestion, I think we should definitely post our draft results here, so anyone who is interested can get invested in our teams. Same goes with any trades, as to avoid claims of "backdoor shady deals."

  • SEATTLE, WA (AP) --- Interbay City Rollers GM Tokyo Slim has been the subject of many speculations over the past 24 hours, as it's been announced that the 'Rollers have been awarded the first overall draft pick in this year's EzA Love and Respect 2016 fantasy draft At a press conference earlier today, he clarified many of these rumors:

    "I feel It's counterproductive to divulge our draft plans before the selection is made, but let me clear up some of the more ludicrous things I've heard over the past 24 hours. We will not be taking a kicker number one overall, nor will Peyton Manning be coming out of retirement to play for my team. This is a whole new division we're in this year, with new rivalries, and new challenges to face. As far as I know, there is not any trading of draft picks, so we will remain in the number one slot this year and not trade down."

    He also went on to address the controversy stemming from his high profile draft picks underachieving in the 2015 season, despite the 'Rollers giving up three mid round picks in last year's draft to trade up and take the two first rounders:

    "...as far as the chatter about the 2015 Breakfast/Brunch Draft debacle is concerned - I stick by my assertion that Nutella Waffles has a higher ceiling, and graded out better than Blueberry Pancakes in our pre-draft interviews. Grapefruit Mimosa, talent wise - is capable of far more than comparable players like Orange Juice. Really, the only other player in Grapefruit's category is someone like Black Coffee, who's already basically a shoe in for the Hall of Fame. If they performed below expectations last year, it's only because this is the big leagues and the learning curve is a steep one. Learning the speed of the game takes time and repetition, and both players have made enormous strides in the game over the offseason, due to our staff and the physical and mental preparation programs that our program has in place.The upside both Waffles and Grapefruit Mimosa have is undeniable and I look forward to a strong 2016 campaign from both players. That is all I've got to say on that this morning"

    While league insiders claim Tokyo Slim's job is secure, some fans have been grumbling about him potentially being on the hot-seat this year, after his 12 year championship drought. Tokyo Slim closed with the following statement:

    "I'm doing everything in my power to stay the GM of the Interbay City Rollers until I retire. This town and this team are hungry for championships, and I feel like I'm the person to give them the best results. I sincerely thank the fans for their patience and hope to be sharing in the spoils of victory with you all shortly. To all the fans, players, coaches, and loved ones - Go Rollers!"