Videogames With The Best Rain

  • Which games do you think have the best looking rain? I used to love playing GTA: Vice City when a storm would roll in and droplets of rain would cascade down the screen. Mafia: Definitive Edition's rain look quite phenomenal. Feel free to send some screenshots games that look totally dazzling in rain.

  • I've said it time and again but the atmosphere in GTA IV is second to none. When it's raining and you're under the train tracks in Broker (Brooklyn), I feel cold and shitty like any time it rains in a major city. I wish I had photos but I don't.

  • Did Rain have good rain? On PS3?

    I'll have to think about this one, I love sitting around and staring at the rain in video games.

  • It's not the most realistic, but I always thought Super Metroid was cozy when I played that growing up. I used to run around outside in the first area and listen to the thunder, even if it was a little ominous. Then you can go in the ship and my sister used to talk about what she did in there while it was raining outside.

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    DriveClub has some really awesome in-cabin car rain physics that feels super accurate and cozy

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    I can't find a perfect video showing off all the effects, but I love how gradual the rain in Final Fantasy XV is. Everything very slowly gets damp, and then soaked, even the characters and their clothes. That paired with the green parts of the natural environments always felt like home to me. It also made the parts where you're camping or hanging out in a hotel or trailer for the night all the more cozy.

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  • @happygaming never thought about what Samus would be doing inside. Kids' thinking is so awesome.

  • @happygaming Damn I forgot about Drive Club-the rain is sublime in it.

  • I remember Arkham Knight having great rain effects. The game as a whole still looks gorgeous to this day.

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    The recent Naughty Dog games should also be mentioned. I personally want to shoutout the short thunderstorm sections in Uncharted 4. The rain looks pretty good, but the trees being shaken violently by the wind, the water puddles, and the beautiful lightning effects adds so much to the atmosphere.

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  • @happygaming Damn, came in locked and loaded to mention what I assumed was the forgotten DriveClub and it's insane rain. Still keep that game in my harddrive if I ever get the urge to play a racing game.