Analogue Duo


    The next item from Analogue will be an FPGA clone console of TurboGrafx, PC Engine and accompanying CD systems. It will be $200 US and will likely have a jailbreak shortly after release to play backups for each system.

  • I was talking about this with my brother today. As exciting as it is to have FPGA options for the TG-16, I sort of wish that they had restocked the Pocket first.

    That being said, it is really cool to have PC-Engine and CD compatibility. Turbografx is extremely underrated, especially if you like shooters!

  • These games and system are a huge blind spot for me.

  • @themarcv If you're interested in learning about some of the games on the console, the Turbografx Mini is a really good bargain for playing some of the best games on the system. Getting the Analogue version is nice, but a lot of the carts have gone way up in price and are hard to come by in good condition, given they have contacts that are always exposed.

    I know Bloodworth did a video on it already, but the Mini has some awesome games; it has the definitive version of Splatterhouse, the first two Bonk games if you're into platformers, and just a plethora of side and horizontal shooters. I'd love to pick one up at some point personally even though I have the Polymega coming in, just for convenience vs price.

  • @happygaming yeah you could buy an Analogue Duo and a US copy of Magical Chase or make a down payment on a home.