Cloudpunk Woes

  • I've been playing Cloudpunk on Xbox One and I've discovered some real technical problems with it. Characters don't appear where they've been marked, meaning I cannot make any progress at all, and making money in the game is difficult because it isn't clear how you make it besides selling what you have picked up already. Is anyone getting these issues with Cloudpunk on Xbox One or PS4 or am I not doing something right here?

  • Most of the money you'll be getting is from completing the missions and from selling stuff you find (this one happens to be my main source of income because I like exploring already). Your problems with characters not appearing is a big one though, I haven't encountered anything as bad as that. The devs are currently working on a new patch, but I dunno if the problem you mentioned is included.

  • I've started the game over and the problems look to have resolved themselves.

  • Huh, interesting. Had my eye on this game for a while but decided to hold off. Hopefully these issues can be resolved cuz the game looked interesting.

  • Just finished Cloudpunk-it has fully made up for the bugged first run.

  • @jdincinerator I've watched some trailers but still don't have a good grasp on what this game actually is. Is it mostly flying around in hover cars? I see there's on foot stuff too, so are you walking around, getting quest and then flying around to complete them?

  • @themarcv Yeah that's it and you're listening to character banter-there's a lot of dialogue. It's a simple and easy game, nothing demanding-just enjoy the sights and get immersed in those juicy cyberpunk vibes.

  • @jdincinerator Nice, that's kinda more or less what I was expecting. How is the dialogue, story and such?

  • @themarcv The dialogue can be quite funny and the cast of characters you meet can be strange but interesting. The story is cool and there are inner layers and things are not as they appear on the surface. On a side note I don't know if any of the Allies have played Cloudpunk because I haven't seen any mention of it on their Frame Trap episodes.

  • If you got Cloudpunk on PC, there's a new Cockpit view update, and it looks really good.

  • A patch for the PS4 version is up, and it pretty much fixes most of the technical problems I had. Xbox and Switch patch coming later.

    Update: the quests are even more broken right now... It wont affect new quests, but it can repeat old quests. It's not gamebreaking, just annoying to see my quest list filled with old stuff. The performance and visuals is better though, it used to stutter a lot and had graphical glitches in the rain effect.