Plans for the Week of November 10

  • @mbun Breath of the Wild was mediocre though.

    are you saying it doesn't take much for you to buy a console at launch?

  • @yoshi said:

    Breath of the Wild was mediocre though.


  • I'll be racing to finish Trails of Cold Steel 4, before the Cyberpunk release date, as I just wanna dive into that when it comes out. I'm still waiting to see if any retailers will have the PS5 by release date, but if I can get one for less than 900$ I'll probably get it as soon as I can, but it will all depend on what the retailers here end up having, if not, not a huge deal tbh I'm playing CB on PC so I wasn't gonna do anything specific with the PS5 immediately.

  • I don’t have any significant plans but assuming in the coming weeks we get some of our ducks in a row at work, I might take a last minute staycation the week of Cyberpunk. I really need a do nothing relaxing break and I have tons of vacation time because I never get to take time off.

    It also helps that I’m investing in a new monitor and a new SSD to boost speeds and visuals so I may as well christen the hardware. I’ve already spent more than a PS5 on it.

    Per the PS5... I WANT ONE. But I’m not ready to bite yet. So I’m not taking time off to rock some launch titles.

    That said, if the system reviews well, nothing seems faulty, I’ll probably bite on the next batch for sale. Especially because the PS4 boosting makes me never want to buy a PS4 game again.

    Also, I honestly think Demon’s Souls is one of the best games ever made and in many ways is the best in the Soul’s series. So with that said, I can hardly wait to play it. When I do get a PS5, I can’t say I’ll take time off but serious time will be set aside for Demon’s Souls.

  • Most likely I'll be continuing to save up more cash for a PS5, only managed to save up like 200$ so far.

  • Would eventually like to have both consoles, but not buying either at launch. Still trying to pick up a 3080 or equivalent GPU for my PC. Supers are coming out soon, as are AMD Big Navi, would prefer the 2nd ray tracing with an NVIDIA card tho. Hopefully something pops up availability-wise in the next 33 days.

    Picking up Yakuza 7 on PS4, since I don't really want to wait for my investment in next gen to pick it up.

  • @shoulderguy 3DS Ambassador here too! That's how I got to play Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones and got into the series.

    As for next-gen, I've pre-ordered a PS5 because I only have an OG PS4 so I want to finally own a 4K device. I could wait 6 or 12 more months but it'll be the same price then, so might as well!

    In terms of launch titles my top pick will be Miles Morales. I badly want Cyberpunk too but will try to wait for the proper next-gen version. AC Valhalla and Watch Dogs Legion both look tempting too. And in the next few months, with Ratchet & Clank, Resident Evil Village and Yakuza 7, I'll have more than enough to justify my purchase.

    The problem is... I have no idea when I'll be getting my PS5, the store I ordered from has no clue. Definitely not at launch because I missed the first wave, slight chance for December, maybe January, maybe later... So hard to make any concrete plans just yet. Realistically, my game of November will be Hyrule Warriors.

  • I'm going to get the Xbox and I'll be playing Cyberpunk 'cause ain't no body got time for next gen.

  • I'm planning to buy PS5 before summer hopefully. Miles Morales is enough for me to buy it but also I have games that I want to finish in PS+ Collection thingy. So yeah, I'll enough games to hold me until next big thing(which is not GoW:Ragnarok for me)

  • I'll for sure get a PS5 at some point but I don't think I'll get it at launch. Mostly I still don't have a 4K tv and I really feel I should get that when I get a PS5 to really make it feel next gen.

    Also I recently moved into a bigger place so I now have some room to finally pull the trigger on an Arcade1up machine. I use to have a full size Asteroids machine but couple years ago space was getting tight and I let it go. Now that we have an extra room I'm ready to get one of these and luckily a new machine is coming out Nov 16th that I was very interested in...

    I plan on modding it down the road but I'm legit really excited to get this thing. The vs series was so exciting to play in arcades back in the day and I'm very much looking forward to reliving those experiences at our new place.

    That all being said, I wouldn't be surprised at all if I got a PS5 randomly spur of the moment. If there's going to be as many units as they said I can very much see myself finding out they have units at the Target down the street from my office and not being able to help myself, pretty much exactly what happened with the Switch. Was very much on the fence about getting one but then finding out the target had some units right then was too much of a FOMO moment I couldn't resist and don't regret.

  • I usally wait but the hype got to me and I was lucky so I got a pre-order for the Series X.

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    Probably not much.
    Buying new hardware at launch is asking for problems. Wait at least until there is a second SKU with some of the problems worked out.

    When I do decide to get a console however, I'll be getting a PS5. The only reason to buy an Xbox these days is if you find PCs too scary.

  • @el-shmiablo the backwards compatibility is actually pretty attractive to me as the only Xbox I've ever owned was an OG and that was for like a year so I have missed a tonne of exclusives.

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    @e_zed_eh_intern I mean, considering there isn't much exclusive to previous generations of Xbox that I can't get in much better form on my PC, I just don't see the appeal.

    Maybe some day I'll have a wild hankering to play some Brutr Force, but until that day...

  • @e_zed_eh_intern My first game will be Dead Space 3, bought a copy for €2 and already sold my X so I'll be starting next gen with a 360 game. 😁 Will also check the updates for FH4 and Gears 5, then Cyberpunk drops and it will probably take me a month to be done with it and then finally in December I'll officially start next gen, probably with the Medium.

  • @themarcv
    As a heads up, get the riser, or build one. Also might want to upgrade the buttons and sticks (they're all right, but fell off somewhat.

  • I pre-ordered a PS5 with Demon's Souls and Spider-Man: MM.

    I will get an Xbox Series X once it has an exclusive game I want to play.

  • @neocweeny said in Plans for the Week of November 10:

    Spider-Man: MM

    also on PS4:
    0_1603194915181_miles morale ps4.jpg

    @neocweeny said in Plans for the Week of November 10:

    Demon's Souls

    Also on PC:
    0_1603195013324_demon souls pc.jpeg

  • @yoshi pre-order cancelled!

  • @yoshi This was a mistakes, Demon's Souls is not coming to PC.