The Gen That Was - Discussion Thread

  • The show will take a look back on the PS4 and Xbox One on a year by year basis, with each episode covering a specific year. For the first episode, we'll be covering the 2013 launch year. Episodes will be split into three parts. In the first part, we'll provide a snapshot of events which give context for that particular year. In the second part, I'll select five games for the panel to talk about in greater detail. And in the third part, we'll actually play one of those five games, challenging our memories of it.

    First Episode - 2013
    Youtube Video

    10 out of 10 intro. This show is a great idea and I like that every episode is focused on a specific year.

  • Bringing over my comment from Patreon:

    I greatly enjoyed this, because it's like if Retros were SUPER laid back. Being a games history nerd, I love content like this where it not only looks at a selection of the games from a given year, but also the context of what was going on, and that isn't an aspect that is really focused on as much because most conversations typically only discuss games only, so I appreciate the effort that goes into this.

    Understandably a short life with the limited amount of years to work with, I'm looking forward to the Allies' perspective revolving around what is considered the worst year of the gen for the next episode. If I had to give one critique, I'm not really into the opening package, but since that's a creative decision, it doesn't matter what I think and it's a minor thing compared to the following 99% of the video.

    So, as I said after the video on Luminous Productions and the look back at Final Fantasy XIV: Yes. This. Love this. More of this please.

  • Anybody know when the next episode might be?

  • @jdincinerator Direct from the Patreon post:

    "For all episodes after the first one, they'll be made available one week early for $1+ patrons and then released publicly. Right now, we plan on producing episodes on a biweekly basis in order to accommodate both the show as well as next-gen coverage and major reviews coming up."

  • I love the idea of this series, and this first episode is pretty awesome (the third part of the video is so hilarious, it's real fun to see Huber being challenged like that). I personally can't wait until they get to talk about 2016.

  • This was some top-tier Easy Allies content.

    What killed me was how Huber would walk down a hallway or turn a corner, then pitifully try to defend Knack with some reach like "look at this forest, look at this show piece right here," in which Blood replies "it's a straight path!" and everybody else immediately dog piles on him. It cracked me the hell up.

    Pulling my comment from YT:

    One thing I want to mention about 2013 was how a big highlight of the PS4 was something like "screen share" or "game share" functionality. They definitely brought it up in their E3 2013 conference. The idea is pretty common today in our home office ZOOM-world where you give control of the game to a friend online who may not even own the game. They take control or help you beat a spot. Sony showed it off with Knack. This feature never - and I mean N E V E R - worked for me. 25mbps, 150mbps, it didn't matter, it wouldn't ever connect and I'm not entirely sure if it still works which makes me kinda question this picture-in-picture mode on PS5.

  • The 2014 episode is already on Patreon, and with them talking about P.T. for a bit, I think it's the perfect time to re-share this.

    Youtube Video

  • 2014, the year of Heartstone. 😂

  • Episode 2 - 2014

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