The Gen That Was - Discussion Thread

  • @jdincinerator never heard of it.

  • 2016 is up for Patron's. I have to say, this is probably my favourite EZA podcast / discussion show in a long time. I wish I could hop in there and pipe up about things that I remember too.

    I don't want them to stop at 2020. I really want to try to campaign for a season 2 that covers 2005-2013. I really like the walk down memory lane and seeing every year in a new light.

    Just as an example, I watched a random episode of Attack of The Show on YouTube from 2008 and in the tech section "The Feed", there are hilarious statements and news coverage of things that are incredibly pertinent to today's market, but hilariously dated through today's lens such as Pandora internet radio shutting down due to being unable to afford artist royalties, Walmart buying exclusive rights to AC/DC and GnR's 2008 albums, and Android OS phones being cleared by the FCC.

    The memory lane aspect is amazing, but I also just like tackling the mindset of the time vs today's knowledge and contexts.


    For reference I time stamped the Pandora discussion. It's soooo pertinent to this new music streaming world we live in. Funny that they were calling it unsustainable back then even, but it looks like the working "solution" today is to just exploit the individual artists instead.

    Youtube Video – [16:05..]

  • @dipset Thanks for letting us know. That's my night sorted. Such a great series.

  • I don't know about you guys but the into to The Gen That Was is so indicative of an advertisement for cologne or something from Calvin Klein.

  • Would it be unnecessary to open a topic for this gen? We have Game of the Decade thing but as far as I see, we don't have a specific topic dedicated to this gen. Thing in my mind is everyone's top 10 or 20 game from the 8th gen.

  • Episode 4 - 2016

    Youtube Video

  • I reckon EZA will cover RDR2, God of War, Spider-Man, Monster Hunter: World and either Assassins Creed: Odyssey or Shadow of the Colossus Remake.

  • 2018 was a great year.

    I recently replayed God of War on PS5. It was my GOTY of 2018 but I haven't played it since then. I can confirm that it is still an incredible game. It not only holds up but with the improved stable frame rate, it's basically perfect now. Not counting Nintendo releases, this is my favorite game of last gen.

  • Having just finished original GoW from 2005 yesterday, I can easily say that I even got more fun from it comparing to my experience with 2018 GoW(which is just 2-3 hours away from the finishing line).

    Still need to play RDR2.

    Spider-Man was so fun and the story was really good. Can't wait to play Miles Morales and very curious about the eventual sequel to the 2018 game.