Spoilers in a Thread's Last Post Preview

  • Can anything be done about this? Like if it's a spoiler thread, allow the thread creator to disable post preview?

    I know that's probably something that isn't in the software, but I've noticed it kinda sucks to see spoilers of a show if you see it right on the forum home.

    I did figure out that if you do a
    You can hide it.

    Might be something to bring up to the forum or else, let's say, the next TTE, people in the TTE thread will put "Yogalla dies" in the first line and everyone can see it from the forum home.

  • admin

    Does it show up in the preview even if you use spoiler tags? A lot of people have just been tossing out TTE spoilers in general.

  • No, I think spoiler tag keeps it blank.

    Though I'm talking about if an entire thread is tagged spoiler. The posts inside shouldn't need to be spoiler tagged, but they'll have to do something to keep it out of the preview.