Least Favourite Videogame Characters

  • What videogame characters can't you stand? Which videogame characters do you wish would shut up and go away? At the moment I've been enduring the interminable fangirlism of Kamala Khan in The Avengers Videogame and I just wish she'd just go mute. She's such a Mary Sue character and seems like a blatant corporately constructed Marvel heroine.

  • Nathan Drake- One of the dullest characters in gaming. The scoundrel with a heart of gold has been done to death for the past 50 years.

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    While he isn't necessarily my least favorite, I don't really understand the undying love people have for Joel from The Last of Us.
    He's a pretty terrible person who does pretty fucked up shit for pretty selfish reasons.

  • @paulmci27 I don't hate him, but yeah I have no love lost on Drake either, a character that I just was never able to care even a little about.

    I also have played a little of Genshin, I honestly just fast forward all the story because it looks like the worst generic fantasy shit available, but my god is Paimon the worst thing ever, boggles the mind that people seem to be attached to it.

  • Honestly, I don’t hate too many video game characters. Even characters that I should hate like Ethan and his dumb kids in Heavy Rain, I kinda get this wicked amusement in their suffering.

    Here’s a few I don’t like include one spicy HOTTAKE.

    This guy...


    Fuck him, fuck his bowl cut, fuck his Boy Scout mission to find the miracles lady, fuck his God, fuck everything about him. I always kill him and his whole crew every playthrough.



    Here’s my hottake. His SMUG aura MOCKS me.

    Ok so “least favourite” is a stretch, but I’m just out here trying to play Mario Party 3. I have AI set to ‘Normal’ and I’m playing with 2 other friends and the only CPU character is Mario. And he’s just taking us to the cleaners every single game. Finds random stars, uses the magic lamp to steal my shit, and the whole time he’s just like “wahoooo! IMA DEEE BEST”

    The same things that make him endearing in Super Mario make him a smug prick in Mario Party. Fuck him and his genie lamp.

    Jack Marsden


    It’s impossible to like Jack. The game sets you up to hate him. Even if you like the climax of RDR, which a lot of people do, it’s impossible to argue that it isn’t frustrating to be forced to play as this knob.

    Mainly, you have NO connection to him whatsoever so there isn’t any reason for you to like him other than him being John’s son. Secondly, they casted a lil teeny boy as a voice actor so he just sounds like a 16 year old boy when you just spent 60 hours playing as somebody with a normal voice.

    They just set him up to fail.

  • I can't stand most of the characters in Borderlands. I think the humor is terrible and makes me livid, but don't get me started on Claptrap

    When I got my Playstation VR, I got Borderlands 2 for free with it. It had been a while and so I thought it was worth a chance. When I started the game up, I listened to the character make stupid puns about how we have a special 'Virtual' HUD that lets you connect with 'Reality' in a different way. I immediately closed and deleted the game and wanted no part of it.

    It's not just his stupid puns and attitude, but the way the character is shoehorned into being the mascot character of the franchise, showing up in all their marketing media. I have no stomach for the amount of sarcasm, memes or snark that the game has on the surface, but to on top of that have this atrocity basically shoved down my throat as the character everyone will love, or 'love to hate' is just the tipping point for me.

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  • Marth.

    stupid generic blue haired anime sword fighter.

  • @happygaming I'm guessing you'd love to kick Claptrap right down a huge flight of stairs.

  • @jdincinerator stairs?! NOOOOOOO

  • @jdincinerator I may just prefer to watch someone else do it and not have to interact with him.

  • Modern Lara Croft is an inhuman psychopath, and I'm ready for them to rereboot the franchise just to get away from that awful torture porn interpretation of her.

  • @mbun Old Lara murdered Dinosaurs. She re-extincted them. A genocidal maniac. I do miss her though

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    I mean, that's literally every protagonist in a game where you have to kill people.

  • It really isn't though. Throughout the new series, they progressively made her more and more "wild", like they were going for female Rambo or something, but it didn't really work, because they're also trying to have more civilized plot lines than that alongside it, so she just comes off as ...well, a psychopath. Completely unnecessary and I don't see how the focus of exploring tombs got shifted to behind enemy lines guerrilla warfare. Those two things don't really feel like they belong together, and the whole thing really feels like they took the wrong inspiration from games like Uncharted, but then they made the entire thing worse by placing such an emphasis on Lara slaughtering people instead of exploration, the adventure, or even the plot.

  • I didn't like the new Lara Croft more so based on the acting and writing of the cast. I never really bought into the ludo-narrative dissonance problems. Sure, Tomb Raider 1 goes from "how could I possibly kill one of God's creatures" to "YOU KILLED 50 RABBITS, HERE's +75XP BONUS!!" but that straight up didn't make me like Lara more or less than before. I was really off put by some "meh" acting in a game that was taking its plot seriously.

  • @dipset I can't remember much about the first game but I played Rise of the Tomb Raider recently as it came to PS Plus and I was also put off by the writing and acting. It's just like you said, it takes itself very seriously but miserably fails to back it up. Lara's actress in particular never finds the right tone, and every dramatic scene falls flat. There's a very, very wide gap between those games and Uncharted on that front.

  • I always think of that Kyle Bosman moment where he though the sequel would insinuate a more serious and consequenced sequel and it was just a misinterpretation of the sequel trailer.

    I still hop for a time when Lara pulls out the double Pistols, but I'm not holding my breath.

  • @bard91
    I think it's because Paimon is talking food.

  • @mbun
    Personally I liked the "Legends " era of Lara.

    That said I don't necessarily hate the new era (Rise era?) But I do think that her first outing should have been more exploration based, like if the whole game was going to semi revolve around her freaking out when killing someone then the few human deaths should have been few and far between (like maybe 4-5 total), then there was the shoehorning of some shadowy group that wants to do the same thing they do every night, trying to take over the world in Rise and Shadow. Like seriously after playing Rise I went back to my old 100% file on my PS3 and found no mention of Trinity in the first game.

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    @dmcmaster Ye I am personally a fan of how Shadow did it, with a much heavier focus on exploration and puzzles, with barely any combat.

    Also, Trinity is mentioned in item descriptions, and Mathias is a member of Trinity.

    But I'm really not buying that Lara is any more a despicable person than the protags of any other semi serious action game in recent memory. She did what she had to do to survive in a really fucked up situation. TBH I'm a bit disappointed they never went for the "Lara has PTSD" angle they were hinting at from early trailers for the second game.