• I always had some doubts about this game, but it looked like something that could turn out pretty good.

    Youtube Video

    Today we haven't not only had another CP77 delay, Trails of Cold Steel 4 digital edition isn't available for download a whole day after release since there was a fuck up from NISA with the preload and they haven't fixed it yet, and a kinda shitty work day I'm kinda bummed out. But seeing this is getting a good reception and very fair price I thought.

    "I should reward the other Polish devs that also made a cool cyberpunk game, and delivered it on time, without making a mess of your releases".

    So I'm having it download for now, but seeing the great reception and the appeal for the theme, I can say I'm looking forward to it!

  • Honestly this looks too intense for me, I'm looking forward to giving it a shot someday when it's on sale... or maybe when I'm feeling the Cyberpunk itch again. I still have Cloudpunk to finish, so the itch is being scratched pretty well rn.

  • I played the demo (for the steam festival thing) version of this game a few months back. I never really play games before they're out, but this looked super intriguing and I wanted to try something from the "festival". Anyway, it was really fun and sick. It's one of those games where you die a bunch but respawning is very quick and you're immediately back in the action, think Super Meat Boy. I'd definitely recommend it.

  • That Launch Trailer is awful.

  • I've played a bit of this and although cutting up enemies with the sword is great and the platforming is fluid and rhythmic I'm finding it to be more frustrating than anything else. Yes it could be that I'm not accustomed to tough games, but I don't think breaking shields just to cut down enemies who can already shoot at you makes it enjoyable. I don't care for the game's world and its story either, but indeed Ghostrunner doesn't seem to be that kind of game. Brad says "you'll feel like a badass in no time", but it's taking time to feel like that. In Hotline Miami you can waltz into a building and feel like a badass immediately because you know where to go , have the knowhow to kick ass, and the design is simple and engaging and doesn't anything particularly uninviting while making you feel like you always have a chance. Ghostrunner doesn't feel like you have a chance unless you know how to use the skills available to you, which stalls the immediacy of satisfaction as you wait to learn and probably grow impatient with the game's systems. This tetris-style upgrade tree is a nuisance too, just fiddling about trying to set the skills you want to use. I guess I'm in the minority here but Ghostrunner is a pain to enjoy.