• The Knack games are a divisive oddity aren't they? I find them to be mediocre, dry and dull but on the other hand they are seen as wholesome, entertaining and generally enjoyable. Why do you guys love or loathe KNACK and KNACK II?

  • @jdincinerator I like Knack in that I don't find it all that offensive in anyway. Their games are simplistic but somewhat enjoyable and I kinda dig this take on a more family focus cartoon kind of game. I got II but never played it, think that kinda says it all.

  • KNACK 3 BABY!!!

  • I made it halfway through the first one and it's just so repetitive. I do the same attack over and over again for every dude. I do like the colors and the environments, wish I liked the characters. I think if Knack were a cool quirky character it would have more charm, but he's just a little flat I think.

    When the Allies played through some of it on the first episode of The Gen That Was, I think a lot of the honesty came through. It's not bad, it's just also not good. It's just a slog of feeling nothing and sort of numb.

  • My Sherona is the best thing Knack ever done.

  • I played Knack on a PS4 a kiosk in the long defunct Sony store at the Eaton’s Centre in Toronto.

    Somehow it was the only PS4 booth that didn’t have a lineup and it’s probably because nobody shopped at the Sony store considering they closed them all down.

    I was woefully unimpressed. Especially because Knack was pitched by Cerney as an amalgamation of Crash, Spyro, and God of War. And basically, it was closer to GOW than anything but with a snails pace.

    Now I remember my local grocery store Fortino’s went through a phase in the mid-2000s where they had a full blown electronics section and I have to say that the atmosphere in that place was through the roof. I’ll take the Fortino’s electronics sections with its dim lights and rows of movies, games, and HDTVs over any Toys R Us R-Zone or Blockbuster nostalgia any day.

    So they had a PS3 kiosk booth set up in there in like 2006 with Motorstorm demo loaded up. I was blown away by that game in so many ways. It was almost the antithesis of Knack. A next gen showpiece with awesome gameplay and you just wanted that PS3 in your house.

    Whereas that PS4 Knack booth just had me wait a whole year to get a PS4...