No More Heroes III

  • @dmcmaster @Bigdude1 @bam541 Checked a couple comparison videos and such. Both games target 60 FPS on Switch, just like their Wii counterparts, unlike the PS3 ports that were locked to 30 FPS. First game seems to suffer frequent hiccups dropping under 60 FPS, often to around 50 FPS, lowest I saw was one drop to 24FPS, but I can't say whether it will effect your enjoyment or not. They're definitely hiccups that immediately recover afterward, not chugging. Second game seems much smoother, and does drop occasionally in the same hiccup manner but not nearly as far and not nearly as often. That said, the Wii version had these same manner of drops, and they're clearly improved here over that version. Switch version is also boosted to 900p, versus the 720p PS3 version, or the 480p original Wii version, so these really do appear to be the best new versions of these games in a technical sense. Can't speak to how much better or worse the controls are than the original Wii ones the games were built around.

  • Interesting. It makes me curious how the game would have performed on Switch if they also used some of the bloom lighting and added color saturation from the PS3 version, or if there was a specific reason they decided to basically only use the assets from the Wii release.

  • @happygaming Honestly, when watching comparison videos, I thought that look was hideous.

  • I definitely prefer the look of the Wii one overall, especially the character models because Travis looks so weird and gross on PS3. But I do think the bathroom bloom lighting and added color to some of the walls and floor looks pretty nice.

  • @happygaming
    The PS3 version uses a completely different engine then NMH1 and 2, the game was completely remade in Unreal 3 by a different team then Grasshopper

  • Yeah as I recall the PS3 version was not very well liked. Also didn't it randomly add bosses from the second game too, or am I misremembering?

  • @capnbobamous
    Yeah if I remember correctly Skelter Helter, Travis's fan girl (cortney?) And one other boss are added to the PS3 version, along with DLC costumes for all the women and I think the dual sabers from NMH2 as well.

  • @dmcmaster Kimmy Howel is the fan girl's name.

  • @dmcmaster Such an odd design decision. I'm grateful that the Switch version is a port of the original.