Gaming recommendations for my parents

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    In time for their joint retirement, my parents are getting interested in gaming. I've already promised to gift them my PS4, as I upgrade to a PS5, for which they'll buy a VR set and wreck their living room. However, they're also looking for something they can play together. My mother had her sights on a Wii and the accompanying Wii Sports, but it seems both Wii and Wii U have been discontinued (where we live). My father, on the other hand, is convinced the latest generation, the Switch, has to be the better choice.

    What would you recommend for my parents, given their interest in local multiplayer (mainly casual tennis, party games, and the like)? Does the Switch have a Wii Sports equivalent? How about the PS4? Are there any cool games they can play with Move controllers, perhaps? Should I just look for a used Wii instead?

    Thanks in advance! :)

  • When I think of local multiplayer some things come to mind. I think there are definitely some games they could enjoy on PS4. Things like The Witness and Overcooked are easy to pick up, are great with another person and they'd probably have a nice time with either. Journey is a game I think everyone should try at least once. My girlfriend who hasn't played a lot of games enjoys playing Diablo 3 together if they wanted something with a little more depth that isn't too overwhelming. Detroit Become Human and Spyro are two others that don't have a lot of control depth but people can sit on a couch together, pass the controller around and get into the swing of things.

    For VR though, I'm not actually sure if there's a sports alternative.

    As far as Switch goes though, the first thing that comes to mind is Mario Kart

  • I imagine Snipper Clips on the Switch might be perfect. My gf isn't much into gaming and we had a great time.

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    Can second Diablo 3 as a game that even casual/non-gamers can easily get into and enjoy.

    Also, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, Worms WMD, all the Jackbox games, Hidden Agenda, Until Dawn, Detroit, Knowledge is Power, Nidhogg 2, Overcooked, and I'm sure about a hundred others I can't think of rn.

  • A used Wii would probably be a good choice but if your parents like a work out then Ring Fit Adventure would be fitting. You can't play together with Ring Fit but you can take turns.

  • The Switch is pretty good for party/multiplayer games, I think I would recommend it because it's the most convenient modern option, it's unlikely to get a successor soon so it will be well supported for a while, and it also has a ton of games already. Other than the usual stuff like Mario Kart, Super Mario Party, and Mario Tennis, I really recommend the recently released Part Time UFO for Switch. The basic concept is pretty simple and it has quite a lot of fun with it right from the get go. It's jolly as heck, and it also has a coop mode.

    Outside of VR, I don't think there's any worthwhile PS Move titles for the PS4. There's some good stuff on the PS3, like Sport Champions, but I don't think it's worth it. Some VR games that I can think of that uses the move controller are Everybody's Golf and Dino Frontier. Maybe they could try Dreams if they're interested in the creation stuff...

    If you can find a good deal, I think the used Wii would be a good option if you and your parents are really unsure of their gaming playtime in the long run, and just looking for a cheap option to test the waters and see whether they would like to play even more games in the future. I'm not sure about how long the used hardware would last though.

  • I think Stardew Valley could be fun for them. It has local Co-op now and is an incredibly jolly, easy-going experience.

    Also, I don't know how easy it is to get on the PS5, but Little Big Planet is a great time as well. Avoid 3 though, as that game is a disaster.

  • Whatever Nintendo system you get, Mario Kart is eternal fun for all ages. Mario Party may also be a consideration.

    The Switch doesn't have an exact replacement for Wii Sports. Clubhouse Games (a mixture of board games and stripped-down sports) would be the closest. Other good casual titles are 1-2 Switch (quick, somewhat bizarre minigames that use the Joy-Cons in unique ways), the Labo series (aimed at kids as a craft project, but the Vehicle Kit is a full-fledged exploration game - multiplayer requires a pair of kits), Ring Fit Adventure (which is legitimate exercise), and Fitness Boxing.

  • Thank you all for the great responses!

    To summarize, it seems my options are:

    1. For the Switch, there are a few party games, along with Mario Kart and Mario Tennis
    2. For the Wii, there's Wii Sports
    3. For PS4, there's Everybody's Golf VR

    My parents are not very controller-friendly, which is why I'm mainly looking for simple motion control games. The PS4 and Xbox controllers are crazy complicated things for someone with zero experience. I will have a chat with my parents and see if we can find the right option for their needs. Thanks again!

  • If you can find one get a Wii U, and some wii remotes. Can play any Wii game you put in it, and it has HDMI, so it will be a bit easier to plug into any modern TV.
    There's also a remastered version of Wii Sports but good luck finding a physical copy.
    Plus it's currently the last Nintendo system with Virtual console support, giving them access to NES,SNES,N64,GBA,DS, and a few Wii games to download straight to the system (btw get a HDD or flash drive)

  • @dmcmaster why? All the Wii U games are on Switch plus new games.

  • @yoshi The WiiU games aren't the ones in question there. While much of the WiiU's library is on the Switch, the Wii's isn't. If they're primarily interested in simple games that use motion controls, that would be the easiest way to play games like Wii Sports because the console connects through HDMI, and a lot of televisions are phasing component and composite out.

    Plus it does have a significantly wider virtual console library compared to the Switch's offerings at the moment. Until they shut it down someday.

  • @happygaming said in Gaming recommendations for my parents:

    While much of the WiiU's library is on the Switch, the Wii's isn't

    so just get a Wii then. that has Wii games and Gamecube support.

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    @yoshi Jesus man, read the post fully.