November Game Challenge

  • @jdincinerator started this one for Halloween and have been enjoying it in short bite sized bursts. It really is underrated.

  • Day 16 - Game that makes you cry


    I could write an entire review thesis (and have) on the way Journey artfully displays deep aspects of the human condition and experience, but I'll just leave it at this: Journey doesn't make me cry, it makes me weep. Every time I play it. Every time I finish it, it breaks me in the way it resonates with me to my core. And it does it in a different way every time. Journey is emotionally exhausting, thrilling and beautiful, but at the core, if anything, it's resonant in the ways that can only be replicated by listening to that one song at the right time or looking at that painting in a way you never have before the thousand and first time. It hits deep and it hits hard, it's healing and it's powerful.

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  • Day 16 - Game that makes you cry

    Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

    Yes it's Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch again, but you only need to see the touching moments Oliver and his mother Allie have whenever they meet to know why I chose Wrath of the White Witch this time. The music is perfect in these scenes and it's just beautiful and pure every single time there's a flashback with Oliver and his mum. Those strings and that piano are masterful.

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  • Day 15 - Game you love that you can't go back to

    Not a single game but a style. Story heavy games, every time I go back to I fall off pretty quickly because I feel like I lived that already and know what will happen next. Which is a shame because often I feel like replaying something and 99% of the times I just quit and end up loving the game a bit less.

    Day 16 - Game that makes you cry

    Kentucky Route Zero made me almost cry several times. The writing style being much closer to literature than videogames along with the surreal atmosphere and thematically being very much focused on real world problems like debt, redundancy and addiction made me feel things in a way very few games manage to.
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  • Day 17 - Mobile Game

    Monument Valley

    Mobile games are typically outside my wheelhouse. I hate playing a game on a touch screen when I could have a controller in my hands. But one that I played all the way through and think actually benefited from the setup was Monument Valley. In Monument Valley, you move, slide, turn and tinker with things in the environment in a really Captain Toad way where you feel like you're physically interacting with the environment. It's really fun to just see how things work in that puzzle box sort of way, and the whole way through it was colorful, bright and sounded wonderful. This is a game that I don't think you could easily port to consoles in the same way you can't really put a PC RTS on one in the same way without losing what makes it click.

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  • Day 17 - Mobile Game


  • Day 18 - Game character you hate playing as

    I'm going to cheat on this one and pick two

    Shepard - Mass Effect
    I never got into Mass Effect, and I think it's partially because I was so detached from the character that is Shepard. I know it can be argued that that's mostly my fault because they're a character you're supposed to put your own personality on top of which I'm historically not good at or a fan of and probably why I have a difficult time with Western RPG structure in general. But even when I try to, they feel flat, empty, overly aggressive and like someone I wouldn't want to get to know and hang out with, let alone watch save the galaxy. Maybe the remakes will change my mind.

    alt text

    And the one I'm sure people will be more upset over

    John Marston - Red Dead Redemption
    Similar to Shepard, I think I just don't like how aggressive and detached John feels from everything that's happening around him. I got to Mexico in the game, and up to that point there isn't any part of the story that emphasizes with him being sympathetic or caring outside the beginning chapter at the farm. He's just a dick. To everyone. When Irish is in trouble again he just goes over and roughs him up before fixing his problems. When the dude starts selling snake oil again, John yells at him and calls him a dumb cook, threatens him, and then just goes along with him. There was never a point where I became invested in the character or shifted to the side of empathizing with his situation and wanting to see it through. This is actually a commonality to all of Rockstar's games that I've played, with the exception of Arthur Morgan, who I felt was actually trying to do something redeeming in the end.

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  • Day 18 - Game character you hate playing as

    Kamala Khan-Marvel's Avengers

    I don't "hate" any game characters but Kamala Khan is such a brown-nosing, corporately constructed and infectiously annoying protagonist and superheroine in Marvel's Avengers-she just doesn't shut her cakehole and is always fascinated like an irritating dorky teenager.

  • Day 18 - Game character you hate playing as

    Nathan Drake, hate is a strong word but is one of the few characters that makes me self conscious about while playing it.

  • Day 11-Underrated Soundtrack

    Hotline Miami/Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

    I don't know if this is allowed but I have a couple of other underrated soundtracks in both Hotline Miami Games. I think these soundtracks would coincide well with hallucinatory drugs because the tunes are surreal in these games.

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  • Day 19 - Game based on a TV series


    This was very easy, South Park The Stick of Truth. Not only is a solid RPG but also made me laugh out loud several times, which is something games rarely achieve. It was a particularly enjoyable experience for me because it is one of the few titles I played along with my GF and we had such a good time. Such an outrageous game.

  • Game Based on a TV Series

    Spongebob Squarepants Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated

    Perhaps a platformer from a bygone time but this game based on a TV series with a name that's too elongated for me to repeat, this Sponebob opus has quirky and fun platforming and a sense of humour that mirrors the animated show of which it is based. This one makes me want to see more animated videogames based on TV shows or remasters of them-don't know if a remaster of the Family Guy videogame or Back to the Multiverse would be worth it but I'd give them another punt besides thinking they're both awful.

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  • Day 20-Favourite Gaming Snacks


    You just can't go wrong with a bag or multiple bags of Doritos. But damn if only Bugsnax were real snacks.

  • Day 19 - Video game based on a television series

    The Walking Dead

    alt text

    I don't care about this show one bit, but I fell in love with the first season of TellTale's The Walking Dead. The moral ambiguity of choices that feel like they have real ramifications was a heavy thing that was a new stepping stone for the company and adventure games in general. Having to make decisions like who gets to eat in episode 2 where you have three pieces of food and five people when everyone will remember how you acted is heavy stuff. Plus putting it all through the parental figure eyes of the protagonist Lee as an abandoned child to the apocalypse, Clemantine, watches you all the time makes everything more weighty and difficult.

    But yeah, I couldn't care less about the show.

  • Day 20 - Favorite Gaming Snacks


    I've been trying to eat healthier snacks, so I've mostly switched to carrot sticks or flavored almonds. But come on, pizza is just one of those things that is the perfect thing to eat while you game with buds. Having a slice with a nice strong beer on the side at three in the morning when you're on the last level is the dream.


  • Day 20-Favourite Gaming Snacks

    Not even joking. Just a cool bottle of mineral water.

  • @phbz What's your mineral water of choice?

  • @happygaming My absolute favourite is Fastio from the north of Portugal. "It is a hyposaline, silicated water (with very low mineralization), and it exhibits remarkable purity, provided by deep depth aquifers properly adequately protected and, with a specific and stable chemical composition, that defines a unique pattern over time."

    I like to try different brands but just love the taste of Fastio.

  • Day 21- Closed Studio and a Game From Them

    Bizarre Creations-BLUR

    Nothing really needs to be added, Bizarre Creations really went out with a bang when it came to both BLUR and 007: Blood Stone that it's such a shame that the studio had produced great work before it folded.

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  • Day 21 - Closed Studio and A Game From Them

    Silicon Knights - Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes

    alt text

    I'm not proud to say today, but Twin Snakes was actually the first Metal Gear game I ever played. It got me into the franchise that I had missed for a good portion of growing up. After the fact, I got all the games on the PS1 and 2, and when I played the original, everything clicked into place and I was like "oh, this is so much better than Twin Snakes..." The acting is a lot more seriously taken, the gameplay works in a way that isn't in an engine made after the fact that breaks some of the mechanics and there weren't dumb Matrix superpower segments. But as much as it's a flawed game in comparison to its predecessor, I still admire the game in a certain way, if in no other way than it got me into one of my favorite franchises of all time. There's something sort of admirable about trying to take such a revered game in your own direction. It will always, if anything, be its own thing.

    Silicon Knights had a few games under their belt, and will probably be most remembered for Eternal Darkness, which I have but keep forgetting I own when Halloween rolls around. But I mean, remember Too Human? That game from 2008 that took ten years to make and was supposed to be the start of a trilogy? Someone should pick that up. Someone should buy up their properties and keep the legacy going.