November Game Challenge

  • Day 28 - Game That You're Thankful Exists

    Grand Theft Auto III

    Before the original GTA came out, the school rumours were intense as to what it would be like. People had me believing I was gonna break out of a courthouse, steal a car and start my game. I had this image of a 3D third person game where I could do anything. Then it came out and I was an ant stealing cars from other ants and killing other ants with pea shooters. It may be the most letdown I have ever been by a game. Then the day I will never forget. I walk into my friend's basement and say, "what is this?" and my buddy replies, "dude, this is GTA 3." Nearly 20 years later and I still remember that exact interaction. I bought it as soon as possible and it was the GTA I had wanted since the rumours had begun to swirl nearly 5 years earlier.

    It's not my favourite GTA but it's the one that brought the series to what I always wanted it to be.

  • Day 28 - Game That You're Thankful Exists

    Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

    It was the first Uncharted game that I've ever finished. It was like a dream come true. A playable Hollywood blockbuster. Series has also an impact on how cinematic interactive scenes and storytelling can be done more naturally without breaking immersion. I just love all those set-piece moments. My favourite is still the whole sequence with the cargo plane.

  • @scotty still the only one I've played once, but man was I down for that game! It was one of the first collector's editions I got with the statue and the ring and everything. I remember sitting at my job just drawing the logo on spare paper until I got off to keep playing.

    Gotta give that series a run through again!

  • Day 29-Franchise That Should Be Bigger


    It shouldn't be a question of IF we'll be lucky enough to get a new Dishonored but WHEN. And I don't want it to get bigger, more like, just keep existing. A cool universe, great level design and mechanically ambitious, what else do we need? C'mon Microsoft do the right thing.

  • Day 30 - Favourite Winter or Snow Themed Level

    The first thing that came to my mind was the snowy region in RDR2. So I'll go with that. The snow deformation, the wild life, how it sounds different from other areas, such a fantastic atmosphere specially at night. Many times I went there just to be in that environment and chill.

  • @phbz I was thinking of saying Dishonored but wasn’t sure if it’s already big enough. Either way, great games.

  • @scotty The feeling is mutual about Drake's Deception-the cargo plane bit is one of the greatest highlights in Playstation history. The game itself might be divisive but it's my favourite entry in the series.

  • Day 30-Best Winter or Snow Themed Level

    Cliffhanger-Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

    Out of all the levels in any Call of Duty game, Cliffhanger is the most thrilling and exciting. featuring a thrilling firefight on snowmobiles as you descend down alpines.

    Youtube Video

  • @jdincinerator Having only recently played MW 2 (thanks PlayStation Plus), I have to say this was definitely the most fun and memorable level in the game for me, I'm a sucker for stealth and they made it simple yet enjoyable, kinda wish the whole game was like that!