PS3 Games Recommendations

  • @happygaming I did the same thing like you did, but for Battlefield Bad Company 2. It needed like a 500 MB update or something like that, and I tried updating it like 10 times and it always failed. I never played that game online because of that.

  • There are many PS3 games that I can recommend so here is a list of them that I think you really should check out:
    -Spec Ops: The Line
    -Driver: San Francisco
    -Viking: Battle For Asgard
    -The Saboteur
    -Max Payne 3
    -Modnation Racers
    -Binary Domain

  • @jdincinerator I already bought Blur! It'll probably arrive in a few days. I already have Split/Second on my list, I'm kinda considering Singularity but I have enough shooters for now. Viking BFA looks janky in a fun way, gonna put that on my list.

  • @bam541 this topic may kill me. I have already ordered Modnation Racers and Split/Second. One thing on Blur, we played 3-player splitscreen a while back on a 60-inch tv and it was tough to see. Think thats the only time I have brought put my copy.

  • Save yourself the update an whip FarCry 2 out the window.

    Worst AAA game I’ve ever played. Army of Two can give FarCry 2 a run for WOAT status, but it’s still goes to FC2.

  • @dipset lol I know you hate it, but I just can't agree on you with this. I used to love this game, and I'm replaying it to see whether it holds up. So far, so good.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I don't know how the PS3 version is, but I played Modnation Racers on PSP and it's pretty fun. Hoping you enjoy it as well as I did.

  • Oh man, I just remembered, if we're bringing downloadable games into this, if you can still get Hard Corps Uprising, that's totally worth the price if you dig Contra style games! I'd need to do some research to think of some others

  • As far as download only games, here are some that I found:

    Beyond Good and Evil HD - It's a little clunky but if you haven't played through this one before, this is a unique game that combines a lot of really interesting ideas into a cool thing all its own.

    Pac-Man DX Championship Edition - If you're a fan of Pac Man or arcade games in general this one is an easy pickup. It's also pretty small so it's an easy install to keep on your system. It plays more like something like reverse snake than Pac Man, but the music and the speed and colors make this one a blast to pick up and play a round or two anytime.

    Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light - Not your traditional Tomb Raider game, but I wish that this got more than just a sequel. It's more like a puzzle-action co-op adventure than an action heavy shooter, so if you've got a buddy around, this one is pretty fun to jump in on.

    Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition and Monkey Island 2 - As a huge fan of these games and growing up playing Ron Gilbert adventure stuff, these are really awesome entry points into point and click style games if it's your jam. They're clever and humorous, and extremely charming

    Tokyo Jungle - Shout out to this weird game. I just remembered about it when I posted in the November Challenge, but you basically survive as a whole bunch of different species of animals in post apocalypse Tokyo and on the side uncover a story of the past.

    There are a lot more that I didn't even mention, but I was just skimming some of the games on the lists here:

  • Far cry 2 is great(except malaria)

    Alot of obvious ones mentioned (as a r and c fan) and 100% recommend motorstorm pacific rift. appocylypse was pretty meh personally and something about the game makes it hard to even see whats happening from memory alot of brown blurring.
    A weird one ninja gaiden sigma, basically the special edition of ninja gaiden Black from the xbox great game and brutal(also holds up very well since its basically a HD port so it looks alot cleaner than other early gen games. ) .

  • Fully invested in this topic now - hence the bump, just in case some have missed it and we are missing more gems.

  • Browsed through the PS3 PSN store earlier and got a couple more interesting-looking games to add to my list: Castle of Illusion, DuckTales Remastered, Rain, Puppeteer, and The Unfinished Swan. Never played these myself, so I would love to hear some opinions on them.

    Also, apparently Puppeteer is directed by Gavin Moore, the dude who narrated the very recent Demon's Souls State of Play, and also the creative director of the game.

  • @bam541 said in PS3 Games Recommendations:


    Puppeteer!! Such an underrated gem of a game. Gives me Little Big Planet vibes.

  • @demonpirate
    The one game I was expecting to get a remaster on PS4, especially since it came out like what 3-4 months before it?