Ghostrunner Bummer

  • On the surface Ghostrunner looks like a very appealing and awesome game, and I'm sure to a lot of you it is and that's obviously cool as can be. I personally really like slashing enemies to bloody pieces and the running up walls is rhythmic and feels great. However, many of these kinds of games I feel take the p*** because encounters can be quite unfair and feel like padding to make a short game longer. I'm not a fan of running about a level whilst the enemies are shielded and can freely shoot you whilst you locate the orb, destroy it and thus the shields, and then contend with the enemies who can kill you with one shot. Being killed in one shot is tolerable if the game gives you the tools to be a badass immediately-but you don't feel like that besides the movement and deflecting bullets. The platforming is rather annoying too especially when you have to leap blindly to find a glowing grappling hook shot point-very Doom Eternal-like and that's just not satisfying. Of course I understand the game is challenging and will mostly appeal to those who love a stern challenge-I've no problem with a stern challenge if it's fair-and Ghostrunner isn't very fair. I know that the more I upgrade the easier the game might be but sticking around that long seems like a challenge in itself. I imagine many of you really like this one so I'm probably in the minority, but what do you guys think and how do you find the gameplay and the game in general?